~ A Stolen Fruit, as he prepares to devour the land of Off-Derpica.

Real Life

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A Stolen Fruit, also known as Pinkamena Pie, Fruit, and sometimes Fwoot, is a Kiwi (New Zealander), and hails from The Magical Land Of Sheep (New Zealand). He is also part Irish, which obviously means he is a potato-eating Leprechaun. As a Kiwi, he is naturally skilled in the arts of Wizadry, and demonstrates this with his ability to break the 4th wall. He is a skilled singer, often reaching pitches that his Karaoke partners can not. He knows Taekwondo, and could beat you silly. You know, if he wanted to. Fruit is a brony, which means he is quite delicious, especially with fudge.

He has become quite infamous for his obsession with both sipping tea and eating popcorn. Life

A Stolen Fruit is an active member of both the Off-Topic: The Flood forum and the MLP Friendship is magic private group. He is often seen posting incredibly silly things. So complex is his mind, that no one fully understands the meaning of his deep and philosophical posts about rubber ducks. Despite being quite active for over a year and a half, he is still only a Fabled Member, having lost his Heroic Member status due to bans. He is quite a popular member on The Flood, often a candidate for The Flood's most popular/liked member. Threads are often derailed in his honour, as many members find it more interesting to fight over him than to discuss the actual topic of the thread. Through his use of eating popcorn, he is effectively able to derail brony threads, as other members always ask for a share of popcorn themselves.

Bungie Games

A Stolen Fruit regularly plays Halo Reach, often with friends of his. He often participates in "Gamenights", held by the MLP Friendship is magic private group. His Xbox Live parties usually consist of terrible singing (himself excluded), quotes from the popular fan-fiction "Half Life: Full Life Consequences" and Monty Python sketches, and just general tomfoolery. While great at contributing to the social part of gaming, Fruit is quite skilled at the games he plays, often appearing at the top of the scoreboard.


  • "Dance!"
  • "RAWR!"
  • "I'm tired of your Disingenuous Assertions!"
  • "Mebeh."
  • "For Narnia!"
  • "For Equestria!"
  • "Nom nom...nom."
  • "Eeeeeagle! Stop stealing my kills!"
  • "SCIENCE!"


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