A Turian Geth== A Bungie.Net member who seemingly appeared out of nowhere and has been recently gaining popularity with his posts, A Turian Geth is he who has confused many a user with his username, as it is mindboggling, but actually quite straightfoward (See Saren Arterius).


A Turian Geth doesn't like Halo and isn't afraid to voice that opinion.

He loves Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid, and actually enjoys the Call of Duty Zombies storyline above a lot of other game's mediocre plots, such as Halo.


An early member of Jacaltastic, a close-knit group, where you can find such members such as Teh Illusive Man, OPs Dad, Roman Gladiator, and even Jacal himself.

Sometimes posts in Coup D Bungie.

Member of Eros but doesn't post.

A Turian Geth group is in the works, which will serve as a Mass Effect group and a friendly off topic group. PM for more info.

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