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Starting out

Aaj222 started up in just as a simple Halo: CE gamer. He joined ODST Recon, ODST Archives, and that's where he started to get his group roots from. He is an active member in Ninja Academy. He gave up his Commander Rank (Highest Rank in the group) in ODST Archives up to Pilesyourbodies, who now runs the group aaj222 worked so hard to try to keep active. He decided he wasn't helping it much anymore, and even though the group had great legacy behind it, he decided to let it go.

He bought Halo 3 on the release date, but didn't start to play it until 3 days later.

Much like Halo 3, He ordered Halo 2 Collecters Edition on the first day it came out, but his brother sold it off. Then aaj222 bought it again, (this time regular edition) and his brother took it with him when he moved out. So now he owns a bunched up not-so mint condition Collecters Edition. He owns a new copy of Halo: CE now.

Random Stuff

AJ bought a 360 in late summer of 07. Just to play Halo 3, Halo Wars, Dead Rising, and Saints Row.

He gave up his mint condition Xbox to his brother since his was broke and AJ had a 360 now.

AJ quests to get a Gamecube to play his two Gamecube games.

AJ owns the Flat-Silver PS2 and is a fan of MGS2 and 3.





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