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The Bungie.net user featured in this article is a former Forum Ninja.

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Left to right;Senor Leche, Achilles1108, Foman123, Recon Number 54, Shishka, Yoozel, Achronos. At PAX 2008

A wise man never confuses rank and skill for fun.

~ Achilles1108

Bungie.net Life[]

Achilles1108 is an ex-Forum Ninja on Bungie.net. He was offered the position in 2007, and has been a member of Bungie.net since 3/4/2005. He currently logs on from Delaware, USA, but hates Delaware more than anything and cannot wait to get out of there. Achilles is happily married and his wife was eminently understanding in letting him play Halo 2 and Halo 3 until the wee morning hours.

Achilles was well-known for his custom avatar, a Phoenix symbol imposed on Halo's "Legendary Difficulty" logo. His current avatar is nowhere near as intimidating as his old one, for they say his old avatar could stare into your very soul!

In late 2009, Achilles resigned from his position of Forum Ninja.


  • Achilles' hobbies include playing Halo 3 and being a rude-ass jerk to people in general. Sometimes he gets even worse when playing with certain folk.
  • He is quick to use the boot option when in the role of party lead.
  • He can be frequently playing with impurity doing all sorts of crazy Warthog stuff. Namely barrel rolls. They also hang out in gay bars and chat from time to time.
  • Loves doing vids of Halo 3 gameplay. He even has his own YouTube channel.
  • Thinks that Peanut Butter and Jelly is a gift from the Gods and has two PB & Js before bed every night.
  • Loves Captain Morgan and Dr.Pepper mixed drinks.
  • Thinks that MLG is the worst thing to happen to Halo, and longs for the return of the Actionsack playlist.
  • Firm believer that Hard Gay from Halo 2 and Bar Ball from Halo 3 are the best gametypes ever created, and the latter be put into Bungie Favs permanently.



For a short time had the gamertag "InanimateDwarf," but changed it back due to everyone still referring to him as "Achilles."



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