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Alex Loret de Mola is a Web Engineer for Bungie and Bungie.net. Despite being heavily involved in the administration and programming of the Bungie.net forums, internal Bungie.net systems, and data mining systems, any Bungie.net account he may have is unknown to the Bungie Community.

Loret de Mola was the subject of a Breaking In interview posted on Bungie.net on April 16, 2012.


Loret de Mola wanted to work in the video game industry from a very young age. After graduating high school, Loret de Mola attended California State University, Sacramento, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. In college, Loret de Mola "fell in love with the languages and eccentricities of web development," and although he has done some game programming, prefers to remain in the world of web development.

Upon graduation, Loret de Mola began working in the healthcare industry, designing communications systems for doctors' offices to communicate with healthcare plans. After applying to Bungie in 2011, Loret de Mola was hired as a web engineer, working primarily on internal web tools, web services, and integration with Destiny.


  • Plays Magic: The Gathering daily during lunch breaks
  • Frequent reader and a fan of "social learning" (attending conferences, conventions, and other social events where developers are present)
  • Thought that the phone interview was the hardest part of the Bungie interview process
  • Devoted weekends and spare time to a former startup Nintendo Wii game developer, Medaverse Studios