Alex Mac Kee, also known as Alex Mac Kee in real life, is a member known for being the only peruvian in the whole planet and also for being that one that bothers drawing every single member in Sapphire (A group founded by Teh Chaz) in his spare time using MS Paint (Yes he is a dude...Rule #16.). There are no pics of him on the web, his identity is a complete mistery to everyone on the site, except for a couple of Sapphire members that saw his face on Tinychat in Christmas 2010.

Anyway... Alex joined on Febrary 1st, 2009 for the same reason everyone else did. To have the All-Mighty Screw on his gamertag bar on Halo 3. Despite being a fan of Halo since the first one was released he never he didn't join until he realised that was the only way to get Halo 3 in-games pictures, because apparently the Xbox 360 can't print -blam!-.

File:Emblem Alex Mac Kee.jpg


  • He requested this page just to make himself feel special.
  • However it doesn't. It makes him look like an ass.
  • Birthday: 01/10/1994
  • The above fact is not funny in the slightest.
  • He is the key to complete Bungie's step 7 for world domination.
  • Alex has the rest Ling ling's body in a fridge.
  • He loves Teh Chaz because he is awesome
  • ^ Chaz is a -blam!-
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