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Alexander Seropian was the initial founder, president, and CEO of Bungie Software Products Corporation.

When asked about his intentions of making his first game, Gnop!, he said: "I'd really like to have my own business. I've done a lot of programming, and I'm really into games so I thought 'Gee, this sounds like a great idea: I'll try making a game and sell it.'"

Even though Gnop! wasn't a hit, it was popular enough among Mac gamers to bring in some success. After that, Alex starting working on a much more ambitious project, Operation: Desert Storm.

After borrowing about $10,000 from his parents and friends, the game shipped and sold about 2,500 copies.

During an AI class, he met Jason Jones, who had his own unfinished game called Minotaur. They decided to partner up, finish the game, and create Bungie Studios.

Alex stayed with Bungie as the CEO until after Halo was released, when he decided to go back to Chicago.

He left Bungie to make Wideload Games, where they developed Stubbs the Zombie. They are now currently working on several projects.

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