AlmondJoy99 joined the Flood back in late '09 (his original username was Almondjoy98, but his account was hacked, and he made it 99). He became what would be known as an 'active Floodian', which basically destroyed whatever he had of a social life. The Flood provided consolation to this young soul (he himself being only thirteen) and brought him joy, anger, and happiness.

Even though he has been here since '09, he has yet to recieve a promotion in Forum rank due to his frequent trolling.

A picture he posted on an internet forum a while back became a frequent meme used on various message boards. It is mostly used to refer to Skyrim nerds who rant about either how good the game is, or are bashing it to no end. The picture is often laughed at, due to the 'wind' being shot out of his nose.

He is also a cool guy that is not afraid of anything.

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