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This person is a former Bungie Employee

Alta Hartmann was one of the so-called "Bungie Princesses" of Bungie Studios. This is because she was one of only two female employees who worked full-time at Bungie Studios during the release of Halo 2. She worked in administration for the company, balancing its' checkbook, assisting Bungie partners in writing out their contracts, and ensuring that everything outside the development of projects was running smoothly.

She was born in Wenatchee, Washington, USA in 1979. She was hired to her job at Bungie in mid 2002, as part of the staff increase in preparation for the development and release of Halo 2. She has a 2000 Silver Toyota 4Runner she named "Sassafrass." She was credited as "Bungie Princess" for Halo 2.

What she had to say about working at Bungie:

"One of two full time female employees at Bungie, I love the constant harassment and take it like a real, uh, woman. Most of the time I am caught between being the little sister and one of the guys. I truly love my job here and every last one of these crazy guys. They each have their own quirky personalities that I have come to embrace over the last year since I joined the team. I started out the UW as a Speech Communication undergrad and then moved into recruiting after graduation. Not finding my true calling or passion there, I had an opportunity to interview here and walked in the door and it was "love at first site."..I think for all of us, at least I like to hope so. These 65 guys and our wonderful Lorraine have brought out things in my personality I didn't know were even there. I have learned so much about myself and have had more fun in this job than I have in any other. I look forward to many more laughs and memories here at Bungie. Thanks for making me your Princess!"

In July 2007, she left Bungie studios to "brave the adult world of Corporate America." Hartmann did not say where her next job would be, only that she would not "stray too far from Bungie studios," and that she would take a job where she would have to "dress like an adult." Her position on the Bungie staff was filled by a "new" Bungie Princess, Davina Chan. She had an interview with Luke Timmins that appeared on the Bungie Weekly Update her last week of working for Bungie.