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Alta Hartmann is the former Administrative Assistant for Bungie Studios and was only one of Bungie's two full-time female employees. She has since been dubbed the "Bungie Princess". She publicly announced her departure from Bungie in the July 6, 2007 Bungie Weekly Update[1].


(Taken from Bungie's Meet The Team page)

First Job: Sales Person, Sears...ugh

Hobby: current obsession with talk radio (preferably NPR), cooking and baking...very messy cook, Bunko, philanthropic organizations, gossiping with my divas, shopping impulsively for gratuitous items, running and yoga

Ultimate Halo Match: I typically end up standing in some corner turning in circles...the guys are trying to help but it seems I am a lost cause when it comes to Halo, although in the last multi player ladder game I got the winning kill in a tie game...I even got to hump a dead corpse and do some trash was a fine moment here in Bungie!

Ultimate Snack: Ice Cream of any kind...right now it seems to be Haagen Daaz Ultimate Desserts Crème Brulee right out of the little pint carton...oh yummy...

Ultimate Website: (I do love to shop : )

Mode of Transport: Her name is Sassafrass, she is my big 2000 Silver Toyota 4Runner!

Fake Weapon: Idiot Demagnetizer

"One of two full time female employees at Bungie, I love the constant harassment and take it like a real, uh, woman. Most of the time I am caught between being the little sister and one of the guys. I truly love my job here and every last one of these crazy guys. They each have their own quirky personalities that I have come to embrace over the last year since I joined the team. I started out the UW as a Speech Communication undergrad and then moved into recruiting after graduation. Not finding my true calling or passion there, I had an opportunity to interview here and walked in the door and it was "love at first sight"...I think for all of us, at least I like to hope so. These 65 guys and our wonderful Lorraine have brought out things in my personality I didn't know were even there. I have learned so much about myself and have had more fun in this job than I have in any other. I look forward to many more laughs and memories here at Bungie. Thanks for making me your Princess!"

Gamertag: Phlegm Brulee

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