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The Bungie.net user featured in this article is a former Forum Ninja.

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Real Life[]

  • Name: Steve
  • Age: somewhat younger than Marty
  • Country: Canada
  • College or University: UWO
  • Major: History
  • Real Job: Quality Analysis
  • Dreams and aspirations: Dark, forbidding, sinister, and the dreams aren’t too good either.
  • Favorite use of the number 7: 7up and rye
  • Favorite ninja weapon: katana

Anton P Nym favorite game is Halo 3 with Xcom 1 being a close second. He plays his favorite games on a Toshiba 26HF84 Hi-Def CRT, Xbox 360 (refurb after RROD), RCA 300W DTS/5.1 surround sound. Also, 3.1GHz Pentium 4 tower with 1.5GB DDR RAM. Raedon 9600XT, Audigy2, and 19" Sun Microsystems CRT monitor.

In everyday life Anton P Nym enjoys the taste of Mediterranean. He also enjoys a wide arrange of beverages, several wines, beers, and mixed drinks. On the top of his list are Guinness, merlot, White Russians, rye & ginger ale, rum (arr) & coke.

If given infinite resources, Anton P Nym would love to work as a novelist, take a vacation to the lower polar orbit over Saturn, and take Amanda Tapping, Claudia Christian, or both, out on a date in a Ferrari.

Bungie.net History[]

Anton P Nym has been a member of Bungie.net since April 16, 2004, and is a former Forum Ninja on Bungie.net.

He also collaborated with Claude Errera to create the "Enkidu terminals[1]," a Halo fan-fiction presented in ARG-like fashion as a series of fragmentary messages appearing on Bungie.org's servers.

Anton P Nym is probably most well known for his "split personality" style of posting. When writing a reply, he always concludes his post with a follow-up message (sometimes on-topic, sometimes not) referring to "Steve," his real-life name, in the third person.

In August of 2005 ,Anton P Nym was asked to join the ranks of Bungie.net Ninjas. As a Ninja, Anton P Nym got to choose his own custom avatar. His avatar is a picture of a blinged-out Hunter, honoring the Halo series and Pimps at Sea. When not assassinating his enemies with the Katana, Anton P Nym can be found in the HFCS group. In May 2011, he stepped down as a Forum Ninja.

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Anton P Nym's other avatar


  • One of Anton P Nym's less-known contributions to the teeming society of bungie.net is the avatar that he himself crafted and submitted for the Avatar Contest of 2004.
  • Anton may have actually helped to inspire the creation of Wideload's game Hail to the Chimp, which wasn't officially announced until 2007 February 12(although the title was revealed slightly earlier). It's a weird coincidence, at least. In the interview for this page Anton P Nym stated "I don't think there's any connection between my "hippo" post and the announcement of Wideload's "Hail to the Chimp". I only posted that on HBO because Matt Soell is known to be a hippo affecionado... the timing is coincidental, unless Matt and The Man are even more devious than I believe."



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