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Motto "Better to ask and be directed than ignorant and banned."
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The purpose of the Ask Your Ninjas group, more commonly referred to as "AYN", is for Bungie.net users to communicate with the Forum Moderators of Bungie.net. The group is designed to be a place for those with questions about anything to do with the Ninjas -- or moderating itself -- to get them answered. The forum is original in design; users create a thread with a question for the Ninjas (or a specific Ninja) to answer, and hope that a Ninja will post a helpful response to their question in their thread. Ninjas can also create "ask" threads, where they will answer questions that users post in the "ask" thread. It can be used to ask questions about the Forum Rules of Bungie.net , or to simply ask the Ninjas a personal question. It is not a group for appealing bans.

Notable Members[]

The most notable members of the group include all of the Ninjas in the group (see list below) and the founder, ImTriForceGuy, a well-known member on Bungie.net.

Ninjas in the Group[]

As of 8.17.2011, there are currently the following Ninjas available for questioning in the Ask Your Ninjas chapter: