Avatars are small pictures on that serve to quickly identify particular users. users may select from nearly 100 avatars pre-approved by Bungie staff, their Halo 2 or Halo 3 emblem, or their Halo 3 player model as an avatar, for greater individuality. The default avatar displayed for all of those who have yet to choose an avatar
File:Default avatar.gif
to display is an image of the webmaster with a black and blue background.

Bungie Employees, Forum Ninjas, Master Forum Ninjas, and Theme Masters are allowed to have a custom avatar. Due to the potential of abuse, this feature is not available to users at large.

For many years, stosh has been in charge of avatars. He engineered the renowned Avatar Contest back in 2004 -- many of the winners of that contest are still used on today.

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Avatar Contest Winners

Those who would like to make an avatar and submit it for review can find useful information here

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