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Avatars are small pictures on Bungie.net that users can choose to identify themselves with.

As of 2024, users can select over 720 pre-approved avatars on Bungie's website. Users who had a Halo 2 or Halo 3 account can also select their Halo 2 emblem to display, their Halo 3 emblem, or their Halo 3 player model.

The default avatar initially given to all users is the website's old icon and is an image of the Webmaster in front of a a black, blue and white background.

The Bungie Web Team, Community Managers, BNGHelps, Forum Ninjas, and Forum Mentors are allowed to have a custom avatar. Due to the potential of abuse, this feature is not available to Bungie.net users at large. Prior to Bungie.next, users who created Group themes were granted the title "Theme Master" and a custom avatar.

For many years, Sketch, stosh, and DeeJ were in charge of avatars, holding contests[1][2][3][4] for best submissions that would then become official avatars for the website.