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BL4H00G4N4 has been an member of for about five years, but has changed his username several times. He is a (somewhat) active forum goer and is the founder of Bungiepedia.

Previous and Current Usernames


BL4H00G4N4 joined the Bungie Community on October 1st, 2006 under the name " BL4H00G4N4" (pronounced bluh·hoo·gan·uh) after seeing a link in his Halo 2 manual. The name was coined from an inside joke between him and American Recoil about the lunch meat bologna. Of course, like most inside jokes, no one got it.


Because "BL4H00G4N4" was difficult to write out, most users simply called him "Blahoo." So on June 6, 2008 he created the profile Blahoo. Though easier to understand, people still thought the name was dumd.


It's orange with a "J" for goodness sakes! How hard is that?

~ oranje on on the complexity of his username.

On Bungie Day 2009, after a long period of inactivity, BL4H00G4N4 decided that blahoogana was an old worn out joke and decided to trash it. He created the profile "oranje" due to his love of oranges and purposely misspelled words.

BL4H00G4N4 (again)

In April of 2011, people still called him Blahoo. So he sucked it up and is now using his original account, most likely for good.

Seventh Column Troopers

He [American Recoil] just called me up and was like 'Hey, join my group.' So I did.

~ BL4H00G4N4 on on SCT.

BL4H00G4N4 spends a large amount of his time on groups, most notably Seventh Column Troopers. American Recoil persuaded him to join, and he has been (mostly) active in it ever since. He is a full-control administrator and holds the rank "Elder".

Personal Life

BL4H00G4N4 is the close friend and next door neighbor of American Recoil. His "irl" name is Josh. Although he doesn't own an Xbox, BL4H00G4N4 plays Marathon on occasion and frequents the public forums and private groups, particularly SCT. He plays the trombone.



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