Beans for Bungie

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Group Information
Theme: Freedom
Founder: IgnitionControl
Motto: What moar can you ask for?
Peak Members: 14
Founded On: December 2, 2008
Deleted On: December 18, 2008

Beans for Bungie was a short lived group founded on the principle of freedom. Its founder, IgnitionControl, is the alt of a well known Community member.


Beans for Bungie is the first known group (not counting the short test) to have given non-members total control of the group. On the default group settings, this is impossible, as the security admissions for non-members are extremely limited. Beans for Bungie, however, used a site code-editing program to "hack" the system and open up full control for non-members.

Powers Granted

Non-members were granted full security admissions, which meant they could:

  • Lock, pin, and delete threads
  • Edit posts
  • Kick members out
  • Blacklist
  • Unblacklist, which effectively canceled out all ban power
  • Create Security Roles
  • Assign Security Roles (to everyone, ironically, except oneself)
  • Change all the group's settings, except for taking away power from non-members

All of these powers meant one thing; that anyone could destroy the group at a whim.



IgnitionControl wanted to create the first, in his own words, "private public forum." This forum would function just like any other public forum; members of could post in the group freely, moderators could ban troublemakers, and it could only be possible by the use of "hacks." Although IgnitionControl was partially successful, he failed in limiting the power of non-members to posting.

Activity was at a peak in the thread Script Central. Another alt of the founder posted a screenshot of an infant group, named TEST GROUP. This was Beans for Bungie's predecessor. The screenshot revealed that he had used the aforementioned "hacks." Discussion of said group begins on page 69 of the Script Central thread. Discussion ended only due to a moderator warning by Duardo on page 73 of the thread.

The frequenters of Script Central flooded to the new group, where they enjoyed all the powers moderators did, without having to join the group. Within one hour the founder left the group, deleting it, to the dismay of those who enjoyed the power they had held.

New Era

IgnitionControl, after discussing options with those in Script Central, settled on the name Beans for Bungie. Members debated over names such as 'The New Flood' (Proposed by IgnitionControl), 'The New Bungie' (proposed by JimboMonkey1234), and 'Beans and Cheese' (proposed by burritosenior). A combination of the names were decided upon. The new group created, much harmless fun was had. Everyone operated on the honor system, with even moderation impossible. A Soviet Union theme was produced, and titles varied from Bolshevik to Stalin to Mikhail Gorbachev. Most made their own custom titles. Although the power to edit posts was used, it was not totally abused.


A discussion took place in the forums, which at the time had only fourteen members. Some members wished to recruit more people; others opposed the idea. Recruiting was stalled, but took place sometime between the 15th and the 18th. Not much is known as to what happened behind the scenes, but in any case the group was deleted by the 18th. Most likely a member found the group and decided to indulge in power by removing the other members, deleting the group forever. Although the name of the user who did this is not known, there is general bad feeling towards whoever would break the honor code.


Although the group is deleted, it is not totally lost. Another, identical group can be created at any time, although it would certainly face the same fate. For this reason, it has not been of yet even discussed. Until a way to fulfill the original aim can be found, this group, and its concept of freedom in a public private forum, will lay in wait. Additionally, the Bungie administrators of the site recently fixed this flaw which allowed this kind of group to be made. So as it stands, this can never be done again.

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