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The Bellevue Offices of Bungie Studios is a brand new facility located in Bellevue, Washington, constructed in 2010 to house the immense awesomeness machine that is Bungie. As of August 1, 2010, Bungie now conducts all operations from this location, including its ongoing Plan for World Domination, and this new, modern fortress has replaced Bungie Towers as the official headquarters of Bungie.

Bungie's Bellevue offices are located in a large converted multiplex movie theater. As a result, the studios are characterized by spacious hallways, large open work areas, and at least one theater in which games or films can be viewed in high definition on a theater-sized silver screen.

Jerome Simpson remains in charge of security for both the offices and high-profile Bungie personnel and visitors. Upon entering Bungie studios, visitors are greeted (or, perhaps, ejected) by Jerome's scowling face in a large, impressive reception area.

Other notable features of the Bellevue Offices include:

As at the previous Bungie Towers, tours and walk-ins are still prohibited. However, pre-authorized visitors to the studio can walk around a large "visitors area" that contains memorabilia, trophies, and awards from prior Bungie games. The visitors area also includes several large "contract tester" areas in which contract testers, visitors, and other non-Bungie employees can play the latest and greatest in Bungie software on dozens of televisions and XBox 360s.

The final layout of the interior work space at the Bellevue Offices remains secret. Photographs from the last stages of construction can give some idea as to what it looks like, but only Bungie employees know for sure.

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