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Motto BWO Motto - "If you even DREAM about beating us, you best wake up and apologize."

B.W.O. is founded on three key principles:

- Honor - Respect - Loyalty

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Black Water Ops might sound like a dangerous and foreboding group, but really, this squad is all about Honor, Respect, and Loyalty. How's that for positivity? If you think you might want to be a part of a dynamic and respectful community here at Bungie.net, it might be time to enlist over at Black Water Ops.

BWO Recruitment Pamphlet[]

Black Water Ops is a community of people that thoroughly enjoy all aspects of Halo. From Forge and Screenshots to the very depths of the Halo Universe storyline. We are a well organized group consisting of multiple aspects to our organization. Currently, Black Water Ops is co-lead by: Ironskull, Alex Tru, WWO FTW and Mister Magoo. We have an elite team of our best players known as our "Strike Force" which represents BWO in clan matches against other B.net groups. We also have frequent BWO custom game nights in which we play games such as Infection, Slayer, CTF and many other miscellaneous and fun games for our community members. BWO also has numerous contests from forging and screenshots to games and puzzles.

We have talked multiple times of venturing off B.net to set up our own site however we feel staying true and loyal to Bungie and working within the confines of what they have given us to use is currently our ideal situation. We want to strive to be Bungie's best group, not simply another separate forum group.

We have many exciting forthcoming ideas up our sleeves from a series of novels based on the Black Water Ops History to a merchandise line as well as cinema. The first installment of our novel is set to be finished by the end of February and the merchandise store is almost complete as we speak.

The History of the UNSC "Black Water Ops" Program[]

This is the UNSC special forces combat unit known as "Black Water Ops." Formed in 2521 by ONI (the Office of Naval Intelligence), the Black Water Ops (B.W.O) is a group of elite ODST Marines that were each hand-picked to head up covert and tactical warfare against the insurrectionists during "Operation: TREBUCHET".

The insurrectionists were a group of growing colonists trying to break free from the governing laws of the UNSC. The Black Water Ops special forces team was created before the final release of the SPARTAN project in hopes to defeat the rebel insurgents and regain order in the Outer Colonies, specifically Epsilon II. The group was made up entirely of ODST's and each member was selected for his or her skill in particular areas; Marksmen, Demolition, Reconnaissance, etc.

This strategic grouping of individuals skilled in particular weaponry led not only to victorious conflicts with the insurgents in the Outer Colonies but inevitably led to final developments in the SPARTAN II program, fixing the problems encountered with the unsuccessful launch of the Spartan I program. The group has never been officially claimed to exist with the ONI or the UNSC, however public records show funding for the BWO organization. UNSC funding for this program has continued to this day, proving that the UNSC has never closed the BWO project. We are the continuation of that unified group, the Black Water Ops.

Some even call us the first true Spartans.

What Makes BWO Unique[]

Here at Black Water Ops we treat everyone with equal respect, whether they are the newest recruits or highest moderators. We have built our great community on three very important principles from the very first day it was created.

Honor, Respect, Loyalty.

1) Honor - taking pride in yourself and knowing you're worth enough to complete anything you put your mind to.

2) Respect - Respecting all members of BWO from the top mods to the guy that joined three minutes ago. All of us were new at one point and all deserve respect. Give respect, get respect in return.

3) Loyalty - Being loyal to BWO. You get from the group what you put in. Giving your time and ideas for the betterment of the group will come around to pay you back in the future.

Halo 3 banner

BWO's Current Theme

We don't put up with any flaming, name calling or bashing. We strive to run a very positive and mature group to try and actually improve our members quality of gaming and life as well. Even taking it as far as creating a program called "Change The World," where BWO members go into the real world and do positive acts such as clean up graffiti and help out within their community.

General Questions and Answers[]

Q. What are your favorite maps?

A. Here at BWO we value every type of map. From Blackout to Standoff, we love them all. But if we had to choose, BWO's favorite maps have to be any well made Infection maps. We host a weekly "gamenight" on Friday and Saturday nights and it is widely popular with the members. Each "gamenight" usually last for 2-4+ hours and is full of various maps and gametypes (The most popular being infection types on forged Foundry maps).

Q. What are your favorite Gametypes?

A. Again, it would have to be Infection. We cannot truly say Infection is BWO's official gametype since we full of individuals and free-thinkers. Every member is entitled to their own opinions and favorites but the most popular gametype in BWO would definitely be Infection.

Q. What would you like to see in MM that isn't?

A. I know the group has said they miss the old "Ranked Big team" playlist. That was by far the best playlist to go into with a large group of friends when you wanted to have fun and progress in rank at the same time.

Personally, I think Bungie may be missing out on an opportunity to really get creative forgers and gamers alike sticking to playing Halo instead of venturing into other games. I feel if they had a separate Social section for "user created content" and every week choose three or so of the most popular played "user created (forged) maps" for everyone to play on. The maps would be chosen one week in advance and announced on B.net. The chosen forged maps and associated gametypes could then be downloaded to play on (from B.net) for that week before they show up on next weeks social MM so that gamers could get to know the maps layout.

BWO Emblem

BWO's current clan emblem

It would give many forgers a goal to reach for and add some spice to playing MM. For some, the redundancy has made many gamers convert to playing in custom games on forged maps for the variety (myself included). Even if it is impossible for the players to play the content off of Bungie's servers, perhaps a quick text block saying "log on to B.net and download this week's user created maps in order to get playing!" would be all that would be needed to fix this. I would love each week playing on a set of new forged maps that either myself or a friend could have created!


Launched on 4/30/09, the BWO project, (The launching of an Official BWO Website) was a new website, powered by Vbulletin. It was made by Mister Magoo, Ironskull, help from the Bungie Employee Killane and the leader of HaloTch.org, A Baked Grunt. It was invested with over 1000$. Find them at www.blackwaterops.net


One of the unique things about this website is:

-It has a new kind of ranking system, based on how many times you post.

For example: To be a recruit, you have to post at least 50 times.

  -You can gain achievements by doing or BEING certain things.

For example: If you put BWO in front of your gamertag, you gain the "BWO Medal of Support".   Join BWO's Website Now! For a new kind of Website, Chatting, and Clan Experience!

In mid 2015, the BlackWaterOps.Net site was shut down due to inactivity and funding issues. The remaining few active members moved to various sub groups across the internet still under the Black Water Ops title.

"Last Post"- BWO Gravemind (5/1/2020)

"Stooge was here - Last, last post." - Stooge(1/15/2021)


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