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Brian "SketchFactor" Jarrard, commonly known as "Sketch," is the former Community Guy of Bungie.net, and a former Grizzled Ancient employee of the online team. In the winter of 2010, it became known that Jarrard was taking an extended leave of absence from Bungie for unstated reasons, speculated to be family-related.

During his tenure at Bungie, Sketch occasionally contributed news stories and Weekly Updates, although he did not do so on a regular basis like Frankie or Urk. While other news stories usually concerned Bungie and the progression of its projects, Sketch's articles were typically on topics relating to the community (hence the title "Community Guy").

The majority of Sketch's news posts were interviews in which he asked questions of a few of the head Bungie gurus, some Bungie business partners, the Disembodied Soul, or just someone that's making a big splash in Bungie-related material.

Sketch was a regular host of the now-hibernating Bungie Podcast, along with Frank O' Connor and Luke Smith. He was the main community manager for Bungie, handling all jobs from IP licensing to marketing and promotion. Around game launch times, Sketch was on the road and traveling nearly 100% of the time.

Sketch is a huge Simpsons fan, as evidenced by his avatar. His signature sports the current Halo 3 Grudge Match Record: Sketch is currently shutting Frankie out 2-0.


Nickname: Sketch Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Community Guy Origin: Florida

Blood Type: Red

Age: 31

Weight: To much! Height: Tallish

Girth: Hearty

First Job: Classified

Hobby: Games!

Ultimate Halo Match: Shotgun - no shield CTF on Battle Creek

Ultimate Snack: Mmmm...snacks...

Ultimate Website: Classified

Best.Show.Ever: The Simpsons