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Member titles

The different member titles with prefixes

Member Titles on Bungie.net enabled users to, at a glance, glean additional information about a user's longetivity on the site.

Almost all known information about member titles were gathered together in Duardo's FAQ thread.[1]

2007 - 2013[]


A preview of the different titles in the community forum on bungie.net.

The following Member Titles were available from December 10, 2007, to January 8, 2013. The old Titles and Prefixes can be seen on Archive.org's web archive of halo.bungie.net.[2]



Member Title Bar.HEX #27282C

The basic status given to any person who had a registered account on Bungie.net, the vast majority of people held this title. The title bar color was dark-gray. The title denotes nothing positive or negative about a user, and was the default setting for all new users on the forums. The "Member" title could be overridden by any other title that a user gained depending on ban history and activity.


Heroic Member Title Bar. HEX #323A3D

Heroic Member[]

Members who were consistently active for 1-12 months (on average) and hadn't received many warnings or bans (if any). The title bar color was gray. This title was implemented on December 10, 2007.[3]


Legendary Member Title Bar. HEX #4C4C4C

Legendary Member[]

Members who were consistently active for about two years and hadn't received many warnings or bans (if any). There were likely other factors, too. Usually, users who earned this title had been on Bungie.net longer than Heroic Members. The title bar color was light-gray. This title was implemented on December 10, 2007.[3]


Mythic Member Title Bar. HEX #103349

Mythic Member[]

Mythic Members were the seldom few who gained the highest possible Bungie.net Trust Rating through extreme longevity, lack of warnings and bans from Bungie.net, and a host of other factors. Originally, Mythic Members were extremely rare on Bungie.net (there were only 5), but that was later adjusted. Their title bar color was royal-blue. A Mythic Member title triumphed over the other titles, but could have been overriden by Custom Titles on the main forums, such as Theme Master, Webcam MVP, and Forum Ninja. This title was implemented on December 10, 2007.[3]


ctjl96's apparent 'trust points' from Urk.

Trust Points[]

It was speculated that, to gain a higher title, users had to have a certain amount of 'trust points'. The most trust points someone could obtain was a five digit number (probably 99,999).

Achronos posted that each user had two numbers assigned to them: base_trust_rating and trust_modifier. They were calculated by an automatic system that examined the history of everyone's account and weighting each data point by a certain value according to a formula that nobody but Achronos knew.[4]

On the March 13, 2012,[5] urk responded to ctjl96 with an image showing their 'trust points'. It's unknown whether this image was real or fake.


  • Only Achronos and the Web Team knew exactly what the qualifications were in order to obtain a specific title

Prefixes For Base Titles[]

A total of nine prefixes were added to the member title system on November 13, 2008.[6] Example: Honorable Heroic Member, Exalted Mythic Member, etc.

Priority Order for Title Prefixes (in order from lowest to highest):

  1. Honorable - worthy of honor and high respect (No bans/warnings in about 1 year)
  2. Veteran - a person who has had long service or experience in an occupation, office, or the like (Active member for 4 years)
  3. Noble - pertaining to persons so distinguished (Active member for 2 years, with no bans for at least 1 year)
  4. Senior - older; of higher or the highest standing (Active member for 5 years)
  5. Elder - greater than another in age or seniority (Active member for 6 years)
  6. Intrepid - resolutely fearless (High post count)
  7. Fabled - celebrated in fables; myth or legend (Very high post count)
  8. Exalted - To praise, or honor (No bans/warnings in 3 years)
  9. Absent - not in a certain place at a given time; away (inactivity for 2+ months)


  • Priority came into play only when a user qualified for more than one member title
  • All information known was an approximation
  • Only Achronos and the Web Team knew exactly what the qualifications were in order to obtain a specific prefix
  • The rarest title on Bungie.net was an Absent Mythic Member


2013 - Present[]

After the website update "Bungie.Next," all member titles were removed from the forums. Forum Titles, now more like tags, are currently only used to distinguish members from Bungie Employees, Forum Ninjas and Forum Mentors. There are no forum titles for the average member.



Employees at Bungie who work on the wbsite or deal with the community have a blue tag/title attached to their account. 



Forum Ninjas, the Bungie forum Moderators still have a Salmon/Atomic orange coloured title/tag.



Forum Mentors have a white title/tag attached to their account.

Custom Titles[]

Source: Duardo's Member Title thread[7]

Users with custom titles could still see their regular forum bar color in private groups.

avius custos[]

Bungie Team[]

Bungie Online Team[]

Bungie.net Admin[]

Bungie.net Cabin Boy[]

Bungie Employee[]

Bungie.net Overlord[]

Bungie.net Superuser[]

Certain Affinity Guy[]

Combat Commander[]

Community Guy[]


der 10 jägermeister[]

Emotional Support[]

Forum Ninja[]

Legit 1200[]

Low Value Target[]


SasukeFKay's Title Bar

Magic Touch[]

  • SasukeFKay (Given after SasukeFKay created a thread about custom titles[8])

Management Overhead[]

Master Forum Ninja[]

Mister Chief[]


Playlist Overlord[]

Playlist Fungineer[]

Pop 'Til You Drop[]

Sent West[]

Space Ninja[]

still hates toast[]

Sucks at Halo[]

  • Ghintoch117


  • IIIIlll
  • IIIllll
  • lllllll
  • llllllI

Theme Master[]

  • akba
  • AmX15
  • Gruntsbane
  • Index
  • mrsmiley
  • Psyched
  • SniperStealth

Web Tester[]

Webcam MVP[]

  • Basilisk666
  • SonicJohn
  • Tater Salad jr
  • WhiteRaven119

Other Titles[]

  • Assassin of Dreams
  • Banhammer
  • Content Gorilla
  • Content Lackey
  • Content Monkey
  • H2 Vista Test Lead
  • Web Master

Urk's Titles[]

  • Droppin' Blogs
  • Marvelous Bauble

Lukem's Titles[]

  • Assassin of Joy
  • don't get treated
  • Night Elf Probation
  • Scarab Lord
  • real talk
  • replacement stosh