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Bnet Regulars or Bungie.net Regulars, is a group for contributing members of the global Bungie Community. The members of this groups are hand picked and invited. In order to keep the general well being and secrecy of the Bnet Regulars forum, usually older users are picked, but there are few younger members as well. Bnet Regular's roster does include (but not limited to) notable Bungie Employees , Forum Ninjas and Mythic Members.

Group History[]

The group was founded by spawn031 on the 21st of April 2011, since then over 140 members have joined. The "joke" behind this group was that an inner circle of friends thought it would be funny to create a group solely for having a group join on 4/20. Hence why the creation date was 4.21.2011. On Bungie.me, the creation date is shown at 4.20.2011.

The Pancake vs Waffle Fiasco[]

During the Bnet Regulars Community Ride Along with DeeJ , SonicJohn posted a pregame carnage video for the community (via YouTube) to witness the discussion among Bnet Regular members. The debate rages on for what has more "surface area". This is the detremental factor that determines the future of all waffle and pancakes debates.

The Bnet Regulars debate was made public and posted in the flood forum and was able to get DeeJ to post about the Ride Along before the news article was made avalible on the front page of Bungie.net. That thread also has very well thought out debates by notable posters on Bungie.net Shortly after, more threads were created to continue the debate. There is another thread within the group where waffles and pancakes will continue to decide what has the most surface area.

There will always be a place for this debate in Bnet Regulars.

Group Titles[]

The titles in Bnet Regulars are very similar to the system that Bungie uses around their office. Members that have been around longer will have higher titles, directly correspondant to their Bungie.net join date. The following is the standard member titles in Bnet Regulars:


Middle School

Old Skool

Grizzled Ancient

Staff Members[]

Without the contribution of staff members, this groups wouldn't be where Bnet Regulars is today. Staff members are chosen when there is a need due to increased member count. Staff members are granted a custom title.

Current Staff:

spawn031, Old Papa Rich, Halo53, burritosenior, Hylebos and LordOfBlah51

Community Contributions[]

Community Contributions are in secrecy and currently in the works. Bnet regulars is a place to brainstorm about these different ideas that can help the community out in any way. The news on the front page is always filled with their latest projects and inspirational threads in the community forum.

Bnet Regulars was featured in April 2012 for an official Bungie.net Ride along with DeeJ . Bnet Regulars has also been featured for Inside Destiny: The Next Chapter; Bnet Regulars .


spawn031 is the group founder

DeeJ joined Bnet Regulars in 2012

@BnetRegulars is the group twitter account