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Bungie 10 years

10-Year Anniversary poster by Lorraine McLees

Bungie has been a video game company for over 30 years. Below are summaries of each anniversary celebration made known to the public.

10th Anniversary[]

For Bungie's 10-year anniversary, Lorraine McLees created a "Bungie 10 Years" poster[1] featuring characters from most of Bungie's games from 1991-2001, including Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete, Pathways Into Darkness, the Marathon series, the Myth Series, Oni, and Halo: Combat Evolved.

The poster was distributed to Bungie employees, to special friends of the studio (such as, Ed Fries[2]), and could be purchased in the Bungie Store.

15th Anniversary[]

15 years of memories

15 years of memories book by Lorraine McLees

Bungie celebrated their 15th anniversary during the 2007 Winter Pentathlon. Administrative Assistant Alta Hartmann wrote: Regarding the 15 Year Anniversary: Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate 15 years of Bungie coolness. To those of you who could not join, you were missed. Lorraine, the memory book was incredible, as I said you have done a truly wonderful job of documenting our history, both from a professional perspective as well as personally, you always capture our essence so well. Dave, thanks for parsing all of the unique images and Joseph you were brilliant as always. Everyone got a kick out of the slide show, could have seen less of Charlie’s ass, but other than that it was great. Thank you to the Triple Door, W Hotel and Venture 2 for hosting a phenomenal event. 15 Years and counting! Cheers!!!

~ Alta Hartmann on Bungie's 15 Year Anniversary

In addition, Lorraine McLees created a "15 years of memories" book for the entire studio[3] which included the 10-year anniversary poster.[4]

20th Anniversary[]

Celebrate Bungie 20th anniversary Banner

20th Anniversary Banner

Bungie Town poster

"Bungie Town"[5] 20th Anniversary Poster

2011's Bungie Day on July 7 was like no other, for Bungie was celebrating their 20th Anniversary and their final year as Halo's stewards before the franchise shifted over to 343 Industries. To celebrate, Bungie released news and parting gifts from June 23 through July 7, giving 7 reasons to celebrate.[6]

The Blue Flames armor effect for Bungie employees was turned on for all Halo: Reach players for those who downloaded the Bungie Mobile app or used the registration applet in the 20th Anniversary website hub, along with the "Bungie" nameplate.[7] Players could also give the nameplate to seven friends.[8] Bungie also released a "Bungie's 20th Anniversary PSA" video from Rooster Teeth talking about unlocking the "Blue Flames" on Bungie Day.[9]

The Bungie Store was also updated with 20th Anniversary Commemorative swag, from t-shirts to custom crafted poster packs from Bungie's artists and special guests.[10]

On July 8,[11] Urk posted a thank you message to the community, giving thanks for making Bungie's 20th Anniversary, and Bungie Day, "kick so much ass." He also said that Halo was "in great hands...yours" and said that the Blue Flames, studio memorabilia, and swag from their owns desks and filing cabinets were all part of a "long overdue symbolic gesture. Halo is yours now. In many ways, it always has been."

Urk also said that Bungie was about to go through a metamorphosis of their own, starting with an update to Bungie.net that will culminate with the launch of their next universe at some unknown time in the future. Halo playlist management will also change hands on August 2, going to 343 Industries, which was the same day that Bungie's ViDoc, "O Brave New Worlds" was released. After that, he said that Bungie would be "going dark" on their next universe, and that Bungie.net will be home to anyone who chooses to stay.

He said that this wasn't a goodbye or an end, but the very beginning of a new journey for Bungie, and that Bungie would reawaken in a wondrous new place and that "we will remember just what it was that drew us together at the beginning of it all." He ended by thanking the community for everything. "See you starside."

On August 3, Bungie released a new ViDoc, "O Brave New World,"[12] to cap-off their 20th anniversary festivities. The ViDoc summarized Bungie's history, Halo's creation, employee interviews, and what's ahead.

25th Anniversary[]

Bungie day 2016 and 25th anniversary

25th Anniversary Banner

July 7, 2016,[13] marked 10 years since Bungie Day was created by the Community and the celebration of Bungie's 25th anniversary.

Bungie started the celebration by releasing a desktop and mobile wallpaper of Destiny characters, along with a 25 second video[14] showcasing their games over the last 25 years.

Bungie released loads of new swag: t-shirts (including Bungie's original logo), art, Destiny sculptures, and a 25th-Anniversary Destiny character poster.

30th Anniversary[]

Bungie 30th logo

Bungie's 30th anniversary logo

30th shield poster

30th Anniversary Shield Poster

Bungie Throwback 052121

The landing page of the Bungie Store celebrating the 30th anniversary which was a clickable image.

On Bungie Day, July 7, 2021,[15] Bungie asked its community to use #BungieMemories on Twitter and Instagram to share memories of Bungie's games forcing friendships with people. People could also use #BungieDayArt to share their artwork centered around people's favorite Bungie games.

A save the date was sent out for August 24 for the Destiny 2 Showcase event.

The Bungie Foundation launched a Giving Campaign on July 7 that helped the Foundation improve children's health and wellbeing, uplifting the voices and rights of all individuals and communities, and provided humanitarian aid in times of crisis. People could donate the following to receive in-game Destiny 2 items: $10+ earns you the 2020 “The Bungie Foundation” emblem, $25+: Above, plus the NEW “Circadian Guard” emblem, $50+: Above, plus NEW Exotic “Buoyant Shell” Ghost Shell, and $75+: Above, plus NEW Exotic “Tiny Tank” emote.

The Bungie Store was updated with new items, including 30th Anniversary items such as a pin, mug, t-shirts, a hoodie, and a poster, and everyone who made a purchase could receive the "Bungie Day 2021" Destiny 2 emblem.

Bungie also released a free emblem code for the Cayde-6 inspired emblem, "Spicy Ramen."

During the Showcase on August 24, a 30th Anniversary video[16] was released, showing "three decades of memories," thanking their community for the memories.

The video was filled with Bungie's past games, streamers, LAN parties, Bungie participating in the Pride Parade, Bungie's inclusion clubs, Pete Parsons participating in Black Lives Matter protests and talking about racism in America, Christine Edwards talking about the Bungie Foundation's efforts to improve children's lives, DeeJ telling the community that Destiny's servers were live and the community celebrating throughout the years of playing their games.

Part of the Showcase showcase, a new Destiny 2 expansion called "Bungie 30th Anniversary Celebration"[17][18] which was revealed by Creative Lead Tom Farnsworth and Production Lead Wendy Wade, announcing a launch date of December 7. It was free for all players and included a 6-player matchmade activity. Also announced was a purchasable "Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack" that included a new "loot cave" dungeon in the Cosmodrome, the return of the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher, Destiny 1 weapons, Myth's Claymore sword, four emotes, an exotic sparrow and ship, two universal ornament sets, and a unique helmet ornament. It was also announced that Bungie partnered with NERF to create a real-life Gjallarhorn.