Bungie Inc. is famous not only for its games, but for its diverse, strong, cultivated, and loyal Community.

The Community has grown and changed since Bungie Studios was vaulted into the spotlight with the Halo series of video games, but remains a core part of Bungie culture. While remains a starting and focal point for the Community, numerous fansites dedicated to Bungie games new and old can be found around the World Wide Web. Community members also frequently meet in person for LAN parties, community events, and gaming conventions.


In honor of its dedicated Community, Bungie Studios created the "Septagon," a symbol signifying the pillar of Bungie Studios being supported by the many surrounding pillars of its Community members.

The Septagon symbol remains a popular choice as avatars, Halo 2Halo 3 and Halo Reach emblems and also as a decoration for both fansites and

Bungie Community

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