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Bungie Day 777

Bungie's image used to promote Bungie Day 2007.

Bungie Day is held every year on July 7, (7/7) to celebrate Bungie, the Bungie Community, and Bungie's fondness of the number Seven. While the earliest reference of "Bungie Day" appeared on Bungie's Event Calendar in 2000,[1] celebrations of the day were started by the Bungie Community, usually wishing everyone a "Happy Bungie Day!"

Since 2007,[2] Bungie has celebrated Bungie Day by releasing in-game items, wallpapers, media, and other content.



On February 24, 2000 at Bungie.org,[1] Robert Zimmerman wrote in to say about Bungie's Events Calendar,[3] "If you check out the events calendar and look up the 7/7 you will find out what it is ment by Bungie day :) I plan to attend. :)"

The event said:

  • Bungie Day (click for the event's site)
  • Fri, July 7th 2000 7:07 AM CST
  • Host: yeroen
  • Contact: webmonkey@bungie.com
  • Category: other
  • Description: Happy Bungie Day

Nothing apparently happened on that day[4] since Bungie was in the process of moving to Redmond, Washington, however, it did inspire a contest: "The "seven words" caption competition (aka. What the Hell is Matt Soell Thinking?)."[4][5]


Bungie.org hosted a trivia contest where users had seven days to answer the question, "Back in December 1994 Bernie Freidin released something for the Marathon gamma. What was it?"[6]

At Rampancy.net, Matt Soell send in a "Weekly HALO Update" on July 20.[7] At the end, he announced that Jay Weinland and his wife had a baby on July 7 at 3:40 PM. Some might call this mere coincidence, but those of us "in the know" realize it's all part of the plan.

~ Matt Soell on the birth of Jay Weinland's baby


At Bungie.org, a user named Gholsbane sent in a "Happy Bungie Day" post on July 7,[8] and Johannes Gunnar also started a "Happy Bungie Day" thread.[9] Djorf also posted a thread saying that it seemed like nobody noticed, but Louis Wu said that they were celebrating with a lanfest.[10] Footage of the "Freedom to Kill 2002" lanfest was uploaded a week later.[11]


A user named Merecatfish created a Flash "Hotel" in celebration of Bungie Day where users could send him a photo of their room with Bungie stuff visible in it, and he will add it as a "room" inside the hotel.[12]

Pictures were also updates in Bungie.org's Miscellaneous Art section.[13]


On July 5, community member stosh posted in Bungie.net's Community News section[14] that anyone who wanted to celebrate Bungie Day should not go to school or work and to rent Kung Fu movies.[15]

On July 7, community members mrsmiley,[16] and goweb[17] wished everyone a happy Bundie Day that was posted in Bungie.net's Community News section.[14] Mrsmiley shared a Bungie Day Card animation[18] and goweb launched a website: Tru7h Online.[19] A user on Bungie.net also wished everyone a "Happy Bungie Day!!! wooo HOOOO!"[20] Another user also wished everyone a happy Bungie Day.[21]

At Bungie.org, user Friend of a Friend sent in a "Happy Bungie Day Everyone' post.[22] Louis Wu also noticed that "Bungie Day" is now a few years'-tradition.[23]

Frankie posted a Bungie Day Memories article[24] where Bungie employees shared their best and worst experiences over the years, and a Bungie.net poll[25] on who had the "hottest Bungie Hooptie." Frankie also posted a contest[26] to see who could guess whose desk is whose. Halo 2 3D screenshots were also uploaded on Bungie.net.[27]



Inside Bungie.net's Flood Forum, a user named Kritz posted a thread on July 6[28] wishing everyone a happy Bungie Day where everyone can "celebrate everything to do with the number 7."

In Halo 2, Ling-Ling officially appeared on a sign in the Zanzibar multiplayer map. It was discovered in 2004 that players could change the date of the Xbox's to different days to change the sign.


In 2006, Community Manager KPaul posted a quick note[29] wishing everyone a happy Bungie Day that only appears in the "preview" section of an article.

Every year on July 7th - 7/7 - the world celebrates Bungie Day! Bungie suggests that you immediately abandon all responsibilities to celebrate Bungiedom. We also suggest a barbecue featuring burgers, macaroni salad and Tijuana Mamas. Don't forget to invite all of your closest friends, the webmaster and Ling Ling.

~ KPaul on Bungie Day 2006


GameprowallpaperNews Spartan Variants Ahoy

Spartan Variants Ahoy Wallpaper

...the importance of the seventh day of the seventh month in the seventh year is not lost on us.

~ Luke Smith on Bungie Day 2007

Bungie Day 2007[2] was a huge day for the community and was the first Bungie Day where Bungie created and released goodies for the Bungie Community. Many Xbox 360 Gamer Pics were released as the "Bungie Day 2007 Picture Pack," ranging from Mister Chief to Marty O' Donnell, and a Dashboard theme entitled "Bungie Day 2007 theme" was made available for download for Xbox Live users until 0900 GSM the following Sunday. In addition, the Halo 2 Blastacular Pack, originally a download that cost $4.00, became permanently free. It was also announced that the maps included in Blastacular Pack (Desolation and Tombstone) would be fully added to the Matchmaking system for Halo 2 in the coming weeks.

More details of the upcoming release of Halo 3 was released, as well as a concept art painting.[30] Also released were Brute Chopper vehicle details,[31] the C.Q.B. Spartan Variant armor,[32] and the E.V.A. Spartan Variant armor.[33]



Bungie Day 2008 Icon

Halo 3 Valhalla Seventh Column Bungie Day

The Seventh Column in Halo 3's Valhalla map.

For Bungie Day 2008,[34] Bungie released seven free "Gamerpic7ures" and a Bungie Day Theme[35] on Xbox Live Marketplace that was only available on 7/7.

Additionally, Bungie brought back the return of the Bungie Podcast and released a new video entitled, "Halo 3 ViDoc: And on the Se7enth Day..."[36]

In Halo 3, a new map inspired by Halo's Chill Out map, Cold Storage, was released for free.[37] There was also a special playlist added dubbed "Icy Treats," that was a seven player free-for-all only on Cold Storage with a variety of different game types. The Seventh Column also appeared on Halo 3's Valhalla map for the first time.

The price of the Legendary map pack was also reduced from 800 Microsoft Points to 600 Microsoft Points.


Top story bungie vs world

Bungie vs. The World

As a part of Bungie Day '09,[38] Urk shared that Bungie has an affinity for the number Seven, and a fondness for the Bungie Community, thanking fans for playing their games. He also noted that Bungie Day is historic, marking a significant moment in Bungie's history when it was announced on Bungie Day 07/07/07 that Bungie once again became an independent developer, completing Step 6 in Bungie's plan for World Domination and forging a new "constitution."

Bungie Vs. The World - Throughout the day, Bungie Employees rotating in a team of four, played in a special Halo 3 Multiplayer matchmaking playlist called Bungie Vs. The World Playlist where players who were lucky enough to match with, and then beat the Bungie team, were awarded Recon Armor. Final stats:[39] Bungie - 72; World - 69; Tie - 10.

Players who didn't match with employees could also earn Recon Armor depending on what their stats were within the playlist. The stats were never made public, although Urk hinted that it had to do with the number Seven.

It was also announced that the feature formerly known as "Render-to-Video," where players could use Bungie.net to save their Halo 3 Saved Films to their computer, went live that day as "Bungie Pro Video."[40] The feature was highlighted in Bungie's new podcast,[41] which also included new music for the upcoming release of Halo 3: ODST and a visit from actor Nathan Fillion.

Roger Wolfson also released a Bungie.net PuzzleHunt for users to earn Recond Armor.[42]

Bungie also showed preview[43] of three new Halo 3 multiplayer maps that were being added to the game through Halo 3: ODST's multiplayer disc.

To commemorate the day, Community Member Dropship Dude captured a ton on Bungie Webcam images throughout the day.[44][45]



B10 widenews bungie day 2010

Bungie Day 2010 Banner

On the 7th day of the 7th month in 2010,[46] all Halo 3 players were awarded the Bungie employee-exclusive chest armor piece which caused all helmet's to catch on fire, but players could only use it on Bungie Day. A lucky few got to keep the chestpiece, presumably those who won a match against some of the Bungie employees who played that day.

The Halo: Reach multiplayer map, Hemorrhage (a remake that is a mix of Blood Gulch and Coagulation), was announced in a Red vs. Blue Bungie Day machinima video[47] created between Bungie and Rooster Teeth. The video showcased the new Falcon, Rocket Hog, an assassination, new armor, and the Hologram armor ability. Fans were teased with an ending clip of Sarge getting shot at by a tank very far outside Hemorrhage, and left with the message, "Go outside the canyon Comic Con 2010."


Bungie vs World

Bungie Day 2011 Steakout.

Celebrate Bungie 20th anniversary Banner

Bungie 20th Anniversary Banner

Glamour - Bag O' Swag

Bag O' Swag

2011's Bungie Day was like no other, for Bungie was celebrating their 20th Anniversary and their final year as Halo's stewards before the franchise shifted over to 343 Industries. To celebrate, Bungie released news and parting gifts from June 23 through July 7, giving 7 reasons to celebrate:[48]

  1. The Blue Flames armor effect for Bungie employees was turned on for all Halo: Reach players for those who downloaded the Bungie Mobile app or used the registration applet in the 20th Anniversary website hub, along with the "Bungie" nameplate.[49] Players could also give the nameplate to seven friends.[50] Bungie also released a "Bungie's 20th Anniversary PSA" video from Rooster Teeth talking about unlocking the "Blue Flames" on Bungie Day.[51]
  2. The Bungie Mobile app went live.[50] The app allowed players to view their Halo: Reach stats, search for other players' stats, unlock the Bungie nameplate for seven friends, and read Bungie.net news announcements. Marathon also was ported to iOS by "Marathon Man" Daniel Blezek.[52]
  3. Bungie Aerospace information was shared with the community, with confirmation that it wasn't Bungie's next game.[53]
  4. The Bungie Foundation announced a charity auction to raise money for the Child's Play charity.[54] Items such as posters, T-Shirts, artwork and "Bags O' Swag" were sold online to customers. Swag Bags contained various and exclusive items from Bungie's office. There were only about 700 Swag Bags available, so supplies ran out quickly. Inside seven of those Swag Bags were exclusive tickets/invitations to a top secret event that would be held on Bungie Day 2012. The winners were known as "One of Seven."
  5. The Bungie Store was also updated with 20th Anniversary Commemorative swag, from t-shirts to custom crafted poster packs from Bungie's artists and special guests.[54]
  6. On June 23,[55] it was announced that Bungie was bringing back the "Bungie vs. The World" playlist inside Halo: Reach during Bungie's "24-hour Bungie Day Halo: Reach marathon." Winners who defeated Bungie's teams inside the playlist on Bungie Day by 20 or more kills would be mailed a real steak (unless you lived outside the U.S. in which case they'd be sent a gift card instead). The official Bungie gamertags were: Humproast, Heavenly Beef, Tender Loins, and Porterhaus and Bungie used 17 teams throughout the "marathon of meaty ass-kicking."[56] A live stream was kept on all day during the marathon.
  7. The Bungie Community was invited to partake in the festivities.

On July 8,[57] Urk posted a thank you message to the community, giving thanks for making Bungie's 20th Anniversary, and Bungie Day, "kick so much ass." He also said that Halo was "in great hands...yours" and said that the Blue Flames, studio memorabilia, and swag from their owns desks and filing cabinets were all part of a "long overdue symbolic gesture. Halo is yours now. In many ways, it always has been."

Urk also said that Bungie was about to go through a metamorphosis of their own, starting with an update to Bungie.net that will culminate with the launch of their next universe at some unknown time in the future. Halo playlist management will also change hands on August 2, going to 343 Industries, which was the same day that Bungie's ViDoc, "O Brave New Worlds" was released. After that, he said that Bungie would be "going dark" on their next universe, and that Bungie.net will be home to anyone who chooses to stay.

He said that this wasn't a goodbye or an end, but the very beginning of a new journey for Bungie, and that Bungie would reawaken in a wondrous new place and that "we will remember just what it was that drew us together at the beginning of it all." He ended by thanking the community for everything. "See you starside."


Dt septagonrising Bungie day 2012

Septagon Rising Wallpaper

For Bungie Day 2012,[58] DeeJ spoke about all of the fresh new faces hired over the past year, Bungie's new studio in Bellevue, Washington, and how the changes have made Bungie step even closer toward World Domination.

Bungie.net was updated with new forum avatars and wallpapers for various devices, and the Bungie Store was updated with new swag to purchase. Profits went toward the Bungie Foundation.



At the end of the article, DeeJ called out that last year, "Golden Tickets were secreted away inside 7 bags of swag. If you scored one, it’s time to reveal your fate. Enter your code and await further instructions." Cryptic symbols were left underneath the text. Everyone scoured the forums to find out their meaning, but only the "One of Seven" winners of the Golden Ticket understood what they meant.

There were forum festivities and obstacles to overcome throughout the day for the 7th Column. Urk tweeted the "Phase 1" of Bungie Day.[59] Later, Marty O Donnell, tweeted about working on his new musical score (Destiny) with Sir Paul McCartney.[60] DeeJ also confirmed it in the Bungie Day thread on the forums.[61]

Golden Ticket

One of the Golden Tickets found in a Swag Bag

For "Phase 3," Urk tweeted that DeeJ would host a 24-hour live "mailsack" on Bungie.net,[62] but DeeJ confirmed[63][64] this to be false and that Phase 3 was on the community to find the "One of Seven " ticket winners and get them to reveal their secrets. One winner eventually did reveal themselves in someone's else's fake "winner" thread,[65] showing off their Golden Ticket.[66] After being spammed in private messages, the seven winners' forum names were obtained through a Bungie.net private group they started[67] to shield themselves from the community.

A community member named AngryFacing discovered[68] that the One of Seven winners received a special video[69][70] from Bungie and Marty O'Donnell telling them that they won a tour of Bungie's studio and more, but O'Donnell, "hated to ruin the surprise." He told the winners to keep their phone close and that Bungie would be calling them in the next week with more information. Due to the leaked video, the video was posted days later on Bungie's YouTube Channel.[71] With the video uncovered, DeeJ declared that the Bungie Day festivities were over. The community then spent the next few days trying to uncover the secrets from the Geomancy symbols.


Bungie day 2013 front

Bungie Day 2013 banner

This year,[72] instead of celebrating one day, Bungie decided to celebrate the Seventh Column for an entire week while taking a look back at where Bungie came from and where they're going. Here is the rundown day by day for "Bungie Week":

  • July 3: "Loot Drop"[73] - A new "tenure" system was activated for all members on Bungie.net, displaying their "years worth" in their profile page and information box. The scale ranges from 0 years all the way to members with 10+ years on bungie.net. Duardo created a FAQ for the Profile Badges and Titles.[74]
  • July 4: "Destiny Gameplay Reveal"[75] - E3 gameplay footage of Destiny was released.[76]
  • July 4: "New Forum Avatars and Themes"[77] - More Destiny-themed avatars and profile themes were added to Bungie.net.
  • July 4: "Guarding the Wall"[78] - New wallpapers of Destiny's Hunter, Warlock and Titan were released to the public.
  • July 5: "Bungie Store Restocked"[79] - The Bunge Store was updated with the Destiny "E3 Collection" of t-shirts, Guardian banners, a limited-edition lithograph that benefited the Child's Play Charity. On July 6, everything in the store was 20% off for a limited time.
  • July 6: "Awakening"[80] - An 8:06 MP3 from Destiny's soundtrack called "Awakening" was released.[81] Program notes from Marty O'Donnell: "Repeating patterns and signals enfold us day and night and in all ages. Unmoved mover that moves all others. Inclining from heaven towards the Seven. New music heard so deeply that it is not heard at all."
  • July 7 (Bungie Day Actual): "Jones/McCaffery"[82] - For the first time in 11 years, Bungie Co-Founder Jason Jones is interviewed.[83]
  • July 7 (Bungie Day Actual): "Bungie Day Challenges"[84] - DeeJ posted seven challenges for Bungie.net forum members to use their skills of art, wit and word selection to win a Destiny poster signed Bungie employees.[85]
  • July 8: "Destiny: Building the E3 Reveal"[86] - Bungie released a video of their E3 Destiny Demo, with commentary from Technical Art Director Ryan Ellis, Environment Art Lead Marke Pedersen, and Senior Art Lead Michael Zak.[87]
  • July 9: "Community Focus: Bungie Day Challenge Finalists"[88] - Bungie showed off the finalists for their Bungie Day Challenges forum contest. The top seven winners were announced on July 12.[89]


Destiny Beta Top News

Destiny Beta Banner

For Bunday Day 2014,[90] Bungie reflected on the humble origins of the Bungie Community and why Bungie Day is celebrated every year.

The Destiny Beta was announced,[91] as well as the several limited editions of Destiny.[92]

IGN also held month-long "IGN First: Destiny" coverage.[93]



Header frontpage bungie day 2015

Bungie Day 2015 Banner

2015's Bungie Day[94] was a community driven affair, as it has really always been.

The day started off with an interview with Bungie Co-Founder Jason Jones, Design Director Luke Smith, Senior Environment Artist Jason Sussman, Technical Art Director Ryan Ellis that was hosted by Wil Wheaton about the Destiny universe and beyond.[95][96]

Bungie also released a Destiny Year One video[97] to kick off the second year of Destiny and to look back at the first year through the community's eyes.

A Destiny Year One Art Contest was announced, with the community being the judges. People could use Bungie.net's newly-created "Creations" area to upload their YouTube video or artwork. Fifty people could earn a Destiny Blacksmith Shader anp the top seven creations would earna Collector's Edition of Destiny: The Taken King.

Destiny Year 1 Moments of Triumph was announced for players to complete in Destiny. This event allowed players to unlock the Laurea Prima emblem in Destiny with the launch of The Taken King, but only if they completed all 10 triumphs.

The Bungie.net website was also updated with the Bungie.net "Armory" area to look up Destiny weapons and armor. New avatars to use in the Bungie.net and mobile companion forums were also uploaded.


Bungie day 2016 and 25th anniversary

Bungie's 25th Anniversary

The seventh day of the seventh month in 2016[98] marked 10 years since Bungie Day was created by the Community and the celebration of Bungie's 25th anniversary.

Bungie started the celebration by releasing a desktop[99] and mobile[100] wallpaper of Destiny characters, along with a 25 second video[101] showcasing their games over the last 25 years.

Bungie also officially kicked off their Year 2 Moments of Triumph for Destiny. Players could unlock shaders and emblems and even receive a discount on their newly released Moments of Triumph T-Shirt (which was marked at $7,777,777 until you used a code).

Speaking of the Bungie Store, Bungie released loads of new swag: t-shirts (including Bungie's original logo), art, Destiny sculptures, and a 25th-Anniversary Destiny character poster. Any item purchased also unlocked a unique emblem (7-7 Ad Infinitum) in Destiny. All items purchased in the Bungie Store during this time went directly to support the Bungie Foundation.[102]

Bungie also partnered with WeLoveFine[103] and announced a Destiny Community T-Shirt Design Contest.[104] The top 7 winners had their design put into production in the Bungie Store and WeLoveFine, and were able to earn commission for their work. They also won a "Destiny Merchandise Prize Pack" including Ghost plush, engram set, "Art of Destiny" book,a Destiny thermos, and a Destiny tricorn cinch pack.


Bungie day 2017 arise chickun

Bungie Day 2017 "Arise Chickun"

Bungie Day 2017[105] was celebrated with the release of several Destiny 2 wallpapers and Parade Armor art. Bungie also launched a "Bungie Day Film Festival" that would be unveiled at PAX West. The Destiny 2 Beta was also teased, and, at the end of the article, many beta codes were included.

The Bungie Store was also updated with Bungie and Destiny 2 items, and if the code" SEVENISDARKER" was used at checkout, you could earn 17% off on any item.


Bungie day 2018 header

Bungie Day 2018 Banner

In 2018 for Bungie Day,[106] Moments of Triumph went live in Destiny 2 where player could earn in-game rewards and an exclusive shirt. It was also announced that Solstice of Heroes would go live later that month and tie into Moments of Triumph.

The Bungie Store was updated with exclusive items, and players could earn a Destiny 2 in-game emblem, "Day of Seven." Bungie also released several Destiny 2: Forsaken wallpapers.


Moment of Triumph 2019

Moment of Triumph Logo

For Bungie Day 2019,[107] Bungie announced that the Moments of Triumph event would go live in on July 9 in Destiny 2, which would unlock in-game rewards and an exclusive shirt. They also announced that the Solstice of Heroes event would go live later that month.

The Bungie Store was also updated with new swag and Bungie Foundation merchandise, with 100% of the profits benefiting hospitalized children by reducing their distress and suffering through entertainment. Bungie also released several concept art wallpapers.



Charity Empathic Ghost Shell

Empathic Ghost Shell

Bungie Day 2020[108] was celebrated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bungie Store had a sale, with portions of sales supporting the Bungie Foundation. Players could also donate $25 to the Bungie Foundation to receive an exclusive Destiny 2 "Bungie Foundation Emblem" and purchase an in-game Exotic "Empathic Ghost Shell" from Eververse to support the iPads for Kids Program.

Destiny 2 Update 2.9.1[109] went live, along with the annual Moments of Triumphs event where players could earn an exclusive shirt, raid ring, "MMXX" title/seal, and in-game rewards.

In addition, Bungie also released several wallpapers.


Bungie Day 7 Banner

Bungie Day 7 Banner

In 2021 on Bungie Day,[110] Bungie celebrated their 30th Anniversary, and asked its community to use #BungieMemories on Twitter to share memories of Bungie's games forcing friendships with people. People could also use #BungieDayArt to share their artwork centered around people's favorite Bungie games.

A "save the date" was also sent out for August 24 for the Destiny 2 Showcase event.

The Bungie Foundation launched a Giving Campaign that helped the Foundation improve children's health and wellbeing, uplifting the voices and rights of all individuals and communities, and provided humanitarian aid in times of crisis. People could donate the following to receive in-game Destiny 2 items: $10+ earns the 2020 “The Bungie Foundation” emblem, $25+: Above, plus the NEW “Circadian Guard” emblem, $50+: Above, plus NEW Exotic “Buoyant Shell” Ghost Shell, and $75+: Above, plus NEW Exotic “Tiny Tank” emote.

The Bungie Store was updated with new items, including a new Destiny 2 Grimoire Anthology book and new items from Destiny artists, the 30th Anniversary Collection filled with t-shirts, a hoodie, collectible pins, a poster, and more, and everyone who made a purchase could receive the "Bungie Day 2021" Destiny 2 emblem.

Finally, Bungie released a free emblem code for the Cayde-6 inspired emblem, "Spicy Ramen."


D2 133 Emblem-Social

Humanity's Chosen Emblem

For Bungie Day 2022, Bungie released their "This Week at Bungie" blog post[111], asking the community to share their story as a Guardian and who they are as a person, using the hashtags #GuardianProfiles and #BungieDayArt. The blog also shared "Shreds of Lights," a play on the typical "Threads of Light" cosplay contest where people, instead, had to create their best "worst" cosplay ideas. Within the blog, it was announced that Bungie had given a few players a new Destiny 2 emblem called "Humanity's Chosen" for being kind for helping the community, and more emblems would be given out when Bungie deems fit.

A new "Cosplay Cosmodrome" was released,[112] showcasing the community's cosplay of the Witch Queen, Savathûn .

The Bungie Foundation kicked off their summer fundraising event, the Bungie Day Giving Festival 2022. The worldwide online fundraiser was a celebration of the Bungie community’s legacy of love and service to others in times when kindness and generosity are needed most. Donations would help continue support for the Foundation's three charitable pillars: children's health and well-being, humanitarian aid, and inclusion, diversity, and equity. Donating to the festival would earn players the following in-game Destiny 2 items: $10+ earns the "Circadian Guard" emblem, $25+ earns the exotic "Buoyant Shell" Ghost shell, $50+ earns the "Seven of Seven" emblem, $2,500+ earns the "Metagalactic Bloom" emblem, and $5,000+ earns the "Function of Grace" emblem. The event ran for 14 days and raised over $1 million.

Bungie and the Bungie Foundation also released a video[113] sharing the foundation granting Cristian's wish for his dog, Artemis, to appear in Destiny 2, which happened earlier in the season as the "Loyal Companion" emote. The Bungie Store also added a plush of "Prime-40" Artemis, with profits going to the foundation. Additionally, with the release of the Witch Queen, lore about Prime-40 was included on the Mind Shard exotic sparrow.[114]

The Bungie Store was also updated with other new items, including T-shirts, a Destiny 2 Hive Worm plush, Bungie-themed tumblers, pins, a Bungie Shield hoodie, a new Destiny grimoire anthology book, and pre-orders for the Destiny Gjallarhorn Nerf Blaster opened up.


2023 Bungie Day-Carousel-1920x89

Bungie Day 2023 Store Banner[115]

The first thing shown off for Bungie Day 2023 was the announcement for the next Destiny 2 Showcase.[116] Bungie also thanked the community for everything's the community has done and will do.[117]

Destiny 2 hosted a fishing derby every hour from 2 AM PDT to 7 PM, with the top three scorers in each derby receiving a prize package.[118] The game also offered bonus ranks in the Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit, with Nightfall rewards doubled.

Playstation bungie day 2023

PlayStation Bungie Day Collectible

The Bungie Foundation hosted their annual Giving Festival, running from July 6-23, with the goal to raise $777,777.[119] Donors could obtain the new Heartful Ghost Shell, the Blue Blood Cells emblem, the Helium Hearts Exotic Emote, and all previous Bungie Day emblems released from 2018-2022.[118] More items included the Foundation Heart emblem bundle for $777, and exclusive Marathon Collection UESC T-shirts with unique "0777" number printed on the back for donating $1,777. There was also a community emblem competition, and seven days of prizes running July 13-19.[120]

The Bungie Store was updated with new items and returning Bungie Rewards.[121] New items included the Fynch Ghost Shell, the Chalice of Opulence, a Screeb Hatchling Plush, Destiny Grimoire VI, various Trials of Osiris items, a Generalist Ghost Shell, a Bungie "Streetwise Vest" Oversized Purple Hoodie, the Bungie Day 2023 Collector's Pin Set, and the SE7ENTH Destiny 2 emblem. Some items were also sold as low as $0.77, too.

Additionally, PlayStation released a Bungie Day 2023 Collectible that could be acquired by playing Destiny 2 on PS4 or PS5.[122][123]


Seventh Column Chaos Bracket

Tournament bracket

A 16-team PvP tournament, dubbed "Seventh Column Chaos," was hosted by the Bungie Foundation as part of Bungie Day 2024 donation campaign.[124] The campaign took place from July 9-28, and the tournament took place from July 10-25 and featured Destiny 2 content creators and clans.

The community could donate to the campaign and receive seven previous Bungie Day emblems (Blue Blood Cells, Seven of Seven, Heritage Eternal, Bungie Day 2021, Septenary Enfryption, Sign of Celebration, and Day of Seven), one new emblem that was a community design from Bungie Day 2023 (Graphite Daydreams), and a Ghost Shell (Disciple's Shell) and Shader (Lubraen Luxury Shader).[124]

The Bungie Store hosted sales from July 9-16, with some items up to 75% off. New items were added to the store and older Bungie Reward items returned. New items included a Crota plush and three Destiny class rings. Everything in the store had $7.77 flat-rate shipping and every purchase included Guardian Glam Emblem. The store also donated $7 for every purchase from July 9-10 to the Bungie Foundation.[124]

Bungie also released a video showcasing the infamous Gjallarhorn shooting something other thank Wolfpack Rounds: Corgis. Bungie said, "Making games is hard, but we always find time to have fun and do silly stuff. How silly, you may ask? Well, check this out."[125]


  • The first reference of "Bungie Day" appeared on Bungie's Event Calendar in 2000,[1] however, celebrations of the day were started by the Bungie Community, usually wishing everyone a "Happy Bungie Day!"
  • Based on Bungie's Summer Pentathlon dates, it's possible that the "Bungie Day" listed on Bungie's website in 2000 was actually their Summer Pentathlon.
  • The Bungie Day that took place on Saturday, July 7, 2007,[2] was the first time that Bungie released content on the day for the Bungie Community. Coincidentally, Saturday is the seventh day of the week on some calendars.


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