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The Bungie Foundation is the is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization of video game publisher and developer, Bungie. Its passion is to give back to its community with their iPads for Kids program and partnering with humanitarian aid organizations in times of natural disaster and crises.

Mission and Vision[]

Per their About Us page:[1]

"The Bungie Foundation reduces distress and suffering in children through entertainment and partners with humanitarian aid organizations in times of natural disaster and crisis.

"We will change the face of clinical entertainment across the globe, making it so that every hospitalized child has access to the resources needed for distraction, a sense of normalcy, and joy through the toughest moments of their lives. We do this work because we believe in the power of play to enable a child's development, bring about smiles and laughter, arm kids with the tools they need to cope with their situation, and support their emotional and mental well-being.

"We also believe that when a natural disaster strikes, we have a responsibility to galvanize our community to help those who need it the most. With natural events on the rise globally, we will lead a community-wide initiative to support a natural disaster relief effort once per year, using the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs' classification system to determine which "Level 3" event we'll aid. This classification is reserved for the most complex and challenging humanitarian emergencies, which require the highest level of mobilization to meet people's basic needs."


iPads for Kids[]

The Bungie Foundation provides pediatric patients with age-appropriate and therapeutic entertainment for distraction, play, and a sense of normalcy during distressing situations. The Foundation continues to grow its program into children's hospitals across the United States to reach more children in need of emotional support.[2]

Destiny 2[]

Since 2018, the Bungie Foundation has created campaigns for Destiny 2 players where they can donate toward various fundraisers to receive exclusive in-game items, such as emblems, Ghost shells, and emotes.

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