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Bungie mac action sack

The Bungie Mac Action Sack

The Bungie Mac Action Sack was a collection of six Bungie Macintosh games on one CD released on July 21, 1999 for $19.99. The collection came in an actual sack of cloth.

In addition to the games, a demo of Myth: The Fallen Lords was included, as well as a preview of Oni and an Easter egg for the just-announced Halo.


We're pleased to announce the Mac Action Sack, an affordable compilation of six Macintosh action titles including the entire Marathon series. Get it now for just $19.95!

Secrets and Trivia[]

  • The "Movie, Images & Music" folder of the Oni preview hides an invisible file: big brains=huge game.jpeg, a photoshopped image of the staff at Bungie West.
  • The "Minotaur 7" folder contained three invisible JPEGs of Halo concept art by Shikai Wang.
  • Mac Action Sack was released the same day as the Halo announcement trailer, and just 48 hours later,[1] the hidden sketches were helping to melt the servers of barely-opened Halo fansites.