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The Bungie Mail Sack was a weekly Bungie question-and-answer article on Bungie.net where users could ask questions for Bungie employees to answer. It ran from December 23, 2011,[1] to December 21, 2012.[2]

It was the temporary replacement of the Bungie Weekly Update during "The Darkness" period on Bungie.net when Bungie was transitioning the Halo series to 343 Industries but hadn't yet announced their new game, Destiny.

The Mail Sack was created by DeeJ, who let users ask questions in official "Mail Sack" threads he created in Bungie.net's Community Forum, typically on Monday mornings. He would gather the questions he liked, and on the following Friday, they be answered in a News Article.

The Mail Sacks[]

Mail Sack 1.0

Mail Sack 2.0

Mail Sack 3.0

Mail Sack 4.0

Mail Sack 5

Mail Sack 6

Mail Sack 6.1

Mail Sack Se7en

Mail Sack 8.0

Mail Sack 9.0

Mail Sack Ten

Mail Sack E11even: Halo Statistics Sunset Edition

Mail Sack 12: The Dirty Dozen

Mail Sack 13

Mail Sack 14

Mail Sack 15

Mail Sack 16

Reverse Mail Sack (17)

Mail Sack E18HTEEN

Mail Sack No. 19

Mail Sack Twenty - Ninjas on Parade

Mail Sack 21[]

Mail Sack 22 - Return of Urk

Mail Sack 23

Mail Sack - Bungie Day Eve Edition

Friday the 13th Mail Sack, Part Two

Mail Sack and Remembrance

A Truly Exceptional Mail Sack

Your Favorite Mail Sack

Mail Sack. In SPACE!

Mail Sack for the Natives

Gotta Mail Sack on Friday

Mail Sack - PAX Edition

Quality Time with the Mail Sack

The Mail Sack Saves the World

Reverse Mail Sack 2.0

Sneak Attack of the Mail Sack

Mail Sack of Plenty

The Mail Sack is Secure

Career Day Mail Sack

Trick or Mail Sack

The Mail Sack Has a Secret

The Best Mail Sack Ever

The Return of the Mail Sack

Once More Unto the Mail Sack


We Wish You a Merry Mail Sack

Competitions and Prizes[]

Starting with Mail Sack 3.0, DeeJ started issuing challenges to the community. The contests and winners are below, but the images have since been lost.

Mail Sack 3 Contests

Members had to name the employees in this picture.


  • antony X1000

Mail Sack 4 Contest

Members had to.. ?


  • zoobkillerninja
  • ctjl96

Mail Sack 7 Contest

In Mail Sack Se7en,[3] DeeJ joked about community members fighting a battle to the death and the winner receiving a "Burn Bright. Burn Blue." t-shirt, before adding an editor's note that what he said wasn't true and that he doesn't condone fights to the death.

In this challenge, members had to "draw themselves out of a paper bag." This Mail Sack challenge was notable because jyrine, who was initially named a winner of the challenge, was later revealed to have submitted a plagiarized entry, created by another artist several years ago. He quickly admitted it was a misunderstanding of humor, and as per DeeJ's suggestion, made light of the incident. The winners thread, including jyrine's admission of plagiarism, can be found here.


Mail Sack 8 Contest

DeeJ challenged the community to take the Master Chief helmet cake image and add a message in front of it.[4] Seven finalists were then selected a few days later.[5]


  • spartain ken 15

Mail Sack 9 Contest

This challenge was to post the title of the picture that reminds Alex of life at Bungie.

  • Winner: the squee masta