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Bungie Points were an incentive program that Bungie's store ran in the early 2000s. The program was designed for fans to purchase their games and products from their store, use the gift certificate provided with the purchase (or cut it out from the box), and mail them to Bungie with a letter explaining what item the person would like to cash them in for.[1] The program ended in 2002.

Official Description[]

When people visited the Bungie Points page[2] in the Bungie Store after reading the Personal Message below, the following described what Bungie Points were:

Bungie Points are our way of saying "Thanks!" Thanks for playing our games, wearing our clothes, yelling our slogans, and for shopping at the Bungie Store. Collect enough of these points and you can cash them in for special Bungie items, not available for sale anywhere!

Of course, if you already own Bungie merchandise, or if you purchase another Bungie product, be sure to look closely at the bottom of the packaging. Chances are, if you own anything since Myth, you already have Bungie Points!

Here's the current list of items these points will earn. We'll add and subtract from this list as we come up with new items and as inventory is depleted, so be sure to check back for the latest list before cashing in.

  • 20 pts: Bungie Stickers
  • 20 pts: Myth Comic Book
  • 40 pts: Soulblighter Miniature
  • 40 pts: Myth TFL Poster
  • 60 pts: Bungie Store T-shirt(specify M or XL)
  • 100 pts: HUGE Myth II Box (coming soon!)
  • 120 pts: bTv Mug
  • 150 pts: Kick Ass Tie-Dye
  • 700 pts: Soulblighter Standee
  • 3500 pts: Myrkridia Statue

To redeem your Bungie Points mail them, along with a letter explaining what item you'd like to cash them in for, to the address below. Don't forget to include your full name, email address, phone number, and shipping address so we know where to send the goodies.

When Bungie was in Chicago:[1]

Bungie Store

350 W. Ontario

7th Floor

Chicago, IL 60610

When Bungie moved to Washington after being acquired by Microsoft:[3]

Bungie Studios

Bungie Point Redemption

One Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. If you have questions send a note to shopkeeper@bungie.com.

Personal Message[]

Once a product from the Bungie Store was shipped to people, the following "Personal Message From Bungie Software To You" was included:[4][5]

A Personal Message From Bungie Software To You

Our corporate philosophy has always been simple: make games that are so much fun to play, so involving, our satisfied customers won't even blink when we seize the reins of global power.

That said, we'd like to thank you for choosing our online store. Dedicated fans like you have made our sales skyrocket over the last few years, and we're very, very grateful. In return, we try hard to exceed our customers' expectations. After all, while lots of software companies will take your money, no one else promises you a future of unparalleled joy and prosperity where the good and the just are rewarded with cool Bungie swag while the corrupt and vile are fired into the sun by an enormous slingshot. We're not quite there yet, but thanks to your continued support our plans for world domination are right on schedule.

So, to better express our gratitude to you right here and now, we've decided to give you, our most dedicated customer, a head start on the "cool Bungie swag" part of the deal by introducing Bungie Points. Bungie Points are a simple way of quantifying your devotion to Bungie. Collect Bungie Points from Bungie game boxes, orders from the Bungie Store (like this), and various other special offers and promotions.

As you collect more and more Bungie points, you may notice certain changes in your life. Friends and co-workers may begin to speak to you in subdued, almost reverential tones. Previously unimaginable numbers of attractive people may "accidentally" bump into you and strike up conversations. Your dog may start fetching the paper in the morning, if your parakeet doesn't get it first. But the real thrill comes when you visit http://store.bungie.com/special/bungiepoints.html and swap those accumulated Bungie Points for cool Bungie swag!

Basically, what we're offering here is a ticket to a never-ending rollercoaster of Bungie-style pleasure, and all we ask is that you keep buying Bungie stuff, preferably direct from us and in large quantities. Sound good to you? We thought so.