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Bungie.net had many user levels such as Forum Ninjas and Superusers between 2004 and 2013. This image gives you an overview.


Administrator Level[]

Sawnose had the highest 'rank' there is. Sawnose maintained the site, gave instructions down the chain, and approved updates.

Sawnose was RunningTurtle's boss who both run and maintain the site. Neither post in the forums very often.

The Bungie.net Overlord who kept in touch with the community via the forums. He was also in charge of the webteam and approved of new Forum Ninjas.

Web Team Level[]

stosh started as a regular member on Bungie.net and was asked to become a Forum Ninja in 2002. Later, Bungie hired him for his artistic talents where he started the "avatar, theme and user skin" threads in which members could submit user created art. As well as this, he was also in charge of all the Forum Ninjas. If anything ever goes wrong on the website, stosh is the first to be blamed.

urk was Bungie's Community Manager and or 'community guy' and would post in the forums and write news articles.

Lukems was also a 'community guy,' however, he did more background stuff on the site.

DeeJ was the newest member on the Web Team. He was another 'community guy' and worked on Facebook, Twitter and Bungie.net interaction. DeeJ was the Assistant Community manager.

This user known was Ninja on Fire at one time and used to be in charge of match making playlists in the Halo games where he got the name MM DJ.

Employee Level with Mod Tools[]

Ghintoch was a game tester for Bungie.net. His job entailed him informing the programmers what to fix and other things that could improve the game, as well as test the campain and multiplayer functions of their products.

Forum Moderation Level[]

Forum Ninjas are members of the Bungie Community who are trusted enough by the web team to be given moderation powers. There were Master Forum Ninjas and Forum Ninjas, with the only difference between them being their title and a few extra powers, such as 'delete'.

Employee Level without Mod Tools[]

Member Level[]

Mythic, Legendary, Heroic and Member titles were Bungie's forum titles. Click the link above for more information.