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Bungiepedia is a fan-created and -administered Wiki devoted to providing a vast amount of information about Bungie Studios.

The Bungiepedia Wiki is dedicated to providing information about Bungie Inc., its employees, Bungie.net, and Bungie's fan base. But please keep in mind that that this is a Bungie-related Wikia, not a game-related Wikia.  Therefore, although brief information (as well as links to more comprehensive sites) can be found here about Bungie's popular video games such as Destiny, the Halo Trilogy, the Myth series and the Marathon Trilogy, this Wikia is devoted to Bungie Inc. rather than its games.

For more information on Destiny, Halo, Marathon, or other related Bungie games, please visit our affiliated Wikias located on the sidebar under "Partners and Fansites." Please contribute your Bungie knowledge to Bungiepedia! Feel free to:

  • Create new articles about Bungie topics
  • Post an informative, objective article about your fansites, partner sites, and Bungie.net groups here
  • Create articles about notable Community members

But please note: the rules against spam, vandalism, and insults are strictly enforced. One-liner articles will be deleted as will all spam content.  The "one-liner article" rule is especially applicable to pages about community members.  If you'd like to edit your User Page to be one line, feel free to do so, but do not create a new page for yourself or anybody else unless it is comprehensive.

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Halo information
Be aware that this is not a game wiki. Wikipedia and Wikis regarding Halo may be found at Wikipedia, Halopedia, Halowiki and WikiHalo (French). Information regarding Destiny, may be found at Destinypedia.

Bungiepedia is not an official Bungie, Inc. website nor is Bungiepedia affiliated with Bungie, Inc. Bungiepedia and its content are maintained and administered independently by volunteer, uncompensated fans with no affiliation to Bungie, Inc., Activision, Inc., Sony, Inc., or Microsoft Corporation. Any content placed on this Bungiepedia Wiki by any Bungie, Activision, Sony, or Microsoft employee reflects the views of that individual alone and not the views of Bungie, Inc., Activision, Inc., Sony, Inc., or Microsoft Corporation.

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