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File:Mustache Bomb.jpg Life Edit

Burritosenior is a user. He has been posting since 2005 as an anonymous user. He created his account on April 5th, 2006. He was absent from for just under a year, when he returned in May of 2007.

He is a frequent Halo 3 forum dweller, who ventures into the Community Forum (A.K.A. the Septagon). He is a Mythic member. He does not like to post threads often, but started a series of long, often in depth threads after joining SonicJohn's group SIP.

He is a Master Moderator in the group Owners of the Katana, a Veteran in 'The Real Community', and is currently in 13 groups. He is a moderator of some sort in 6 of those groups.

File:Burritosenior's Character Model.jpg

He is generally a somewhat respected, if not well known, member of the community who is known for helping people in the Halo 3 forum and actually explaining his opinions on certain subjects.

Halo 3 Edit

He is a Brigadier on record as saying several times that rank doesn't really mean anything. The only time he brings it up is to mock Feanor about his rank. He is an avid AR lover, and loves using Sticky grenades. He does not mind MLG, but feels a strong dislike towards many of its most vocal fans.

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