Groups are private, individualized, and discreet areas of that are separate from the main public forums. Groups are divided into two categories: chapters and clans. Clans

Clans are user-created groups on that are linked to an online gaming clan. clans provide a place for clan members to discuss upcoming online-meetings or tournaments and/or to discuss clan-related issues, and strategies.


Chapters are user-created groups on Unlike clans, chapters are not linked to a specific clan but rather are designed to provide a place to associate with peers in a more intimate setting. They allow members to converse in their own private forums, organize events, and post articles, news, and many more features. Chapters may center on specific topics of discussion or might be "FFA" (free for all) chapters where anything goes. clans and Chapters are a large and, some might say, integral part of the 7th Column.

During the 2007 website update, Chapters were taken offline for maintenance. After being absent from for nearly a month and a half, Groups returned to the site on May 2, 2007 to the astonishment and delight of the Bungie Community.

Open Chapter

An open chapter is a chapter on that does not restrict its membership. Unlike a private chapter, anyone can join an open chapter.

Private Chapter

A private chapter is a chapter on that restricts its membership. Unlike an open chapter which anyone can join, prospective private chapter members must be approved by a current member or administrator with the appropriate level of security privileges.

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