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Chapter Founders was a Chapter (now known as Group) created with the intention for founders of Chapters to gather together and ask questions, hold discussions, and seek improvements to the Chapter system.


On November 14, 2001[1], Bungie.net relaunched and introduced the Seventh Column, the “Official Bungie fan club and underground army.” It was established to help Bungie pave the way toward World Domination and foster development of the Bungie community.

As a part of the Seventh Column, members could create their own Chapters (now known as Groups). On March 12, 2002[2], Yeroen (Max Hoberman) created “Chapter Founders[3],” a gathering place for all chapter administrators. It was here where “The Septagon[4]” was born, a forum to discuss ways to improve the Seventh Column.

When Bungie created "Bungie.net," the main page on bungie.net linked it to the Chapter Founders forum. Shifting from mainly being the talking points and mecca for the founders community, it became the center for all community matters. It's official purpose at this time was "Discuss ways to improve the Seventh Column and take over the world. Hosted by Chapter Founders."