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Bungie.net's Chapters also know as Private Groups are where members can talk in private forums. The Administrator can change the Chapters theme. In total (as of 10.March.2012) there are 41 themes ranging from Halo to Myth and Oni and other simple plain themes.

Some themes have been created by members of the community its self. If their theme was implermented on Bungie.net then they were given the Theme Master Title.

Theme Previews

Here are previews of all of the chapter themes. The Group Home page is above and the forum view is shown below.

[*] - User made Chapter Theme (incomplete)

Hawtness 2 Chapter Themes:

Hawtness 1 Chapter themes:

Original Chapter themes:

User Created Themes


  • Forky
  • Super
  • Egyptian


Sir Fragula:

  • Unknown


  • Hunter
  • Oni Smash
  • Spartan Rush
  • Dark Oni
  • Temple


  • Created the Xbox theme for the new hotness" (first major Bungie.net redesign original and also helped Grunstbane create the Halo Babies theme for the original 7th Column as well.