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Chapter Themes, more commonly known as Group Themes, were pre-made templates of images and colors that Bungie.net members could use to customize their private Group.

Some themes were created by members of the community. If their theme was implemented they were given the Theme Master title.


The first themes were created on January 30, 2002:[1] Default, Marathon, Myth, Oni, Marines, Covenant, and Forerunner. In February,[2] the Soffish theme was added. In April,[3] more themes were added: Pimps at Sea and Marathon Black. In May, Hunters,[4] Master Chief,[5] tru7h,[5] XBOX,[6] PoA (Pillar of Autumn) Light,[7] and a "Disturbing" theme[8] were added. In June,[9] the Warrior theme and Revolution theme were added. In September,[10] the Shade theme was added. In November,[11] the Marines of Old theme was added, and, later that month,[12] a theme contest was held where the creators of the top three themes would receive gift certificates to the Bungie Store.

In March 2003,[13] it was announced that there were over 3,279 active chapters and over 10,800 registered members of the 7th Column. Three new themes were also added:[14] Pathways and Dossiers & Memories (both tributes to Pathways into Darkness), and First and Last featuring the Master Chief fighting the Covenant. In June,[15] two new themes were added: Warrior and Revolution. By August,[16] 27 themes had been created, and four more were added: H2, Thieves in the Night, Shotguns, and Euphoria Station.

In October 2004,[17] Sketch asked the community to help create new themes. Eventually, three themes were added. In July 2008,[18] as part of Bungie Day (July 7), new forum avatars, profile backgrounds, and Group themes were added.

Themes Throughout the Years[]

2001-2004: The Seventh Column and Halo[]

2004-2007: The New Hawtness[]

Bungie themes 2004

Gif of themes: Default, Classic Games, Community, Fleet Command, Halo, Halo 2, Halo 2 Stats, Marathon, Myth, Oni, Profile

2007-2011: The New New Hawtness[]

Here are previews of all of Group themes during this era. The Group Home page appears above and the Group forum view is appears below.

*User made theme

2013-2016: Bungie.next and Destiny[]

On January 10, 2013,[19][20][21][22] Bungie implemented "Bungie.next." Groups themselves were updated much like the forums, but also allowed members to create public threads that would appear on the main forums. Groups also saw big changes made to them: Groups could now have avatars that would appear next to their name and in front of the chosen themes. The site's previous Group themes were added and altered for the Bungie.next version. In July 2014,[23][24][25][26] the website updated to better serve Destiny Beta players, where it was announced that Groups could turn into Clans for Destiny. More themes and avatars were added as a result.

HFCS Group 2023

HFCS using the Oni group banner and Kanji

Group Avatars

Group Banners

User Created Themes[]


  • Forky
  • Super
  • Egyptian


Sir Fragula:

  • Unknown


  • Hunter
  • Oni Smash
  • Spartan Rush
  • Dark Oni
  • Temple


  • Created the Xbox theme for the new hotness" (first major Bungie.net redesign original and also helped Grunstbane create the Halo Babies theme for the original 7th Column as well.


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