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Nickname: Butcher Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Senior Engineer


Blood Type: A-Positive Age: 29

Weight: 160 pounds Height: 5'9"

Girth: Classified

Tensile Strength: 14.3 GPa

First Job: Hardware Engineer, Iconix Equipment

Hobby: Crushing fragile egos

Ultimate Halo Match: 2v2 Shotguns & Snipers, Guardian

Ultimate Snack: Pavlova

Ultimate Website: www.fyreball.com

Mode of Transport: 2001 BMW 330Ci convertible with the top down at all temperatures above 25 F

Greatest Fear: Accidental Deportation

Looking Forward To: Far Cry 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, GTA 4


Butcher got his start in the industry by dodging his PhD advisors for long enough to organize worldwide tournaments for Myth and Myth II over bungie.net, most notably, the Myth World Cup, which still continues to be held every year to this day. Hired out of college in New Zealand, he was originally slated to work in Chicago but was hijacked upon arrival in LAX to Bungie West to rewrite the particle effects and AI systems for Oni. As a result he has almost no memories from most of 2000 and suffers recurring nightmares about gorillas wearing cowboy hats. His AI minions in Halo have racked up over a billion kills on the Master Chief worldwide which makes him the best Halo player at Bungie, numerically speaking. His favorite memory of working at Bungie is of falling asleep on the walk home at 4am and waking up the next morning on a high school football field. He is currently working on Internet networking for Halo 3.


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