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RunningTurtle (Chris Gossett) is a member of the Bungie Web Team . He is a relatively new employee having joined the site in 2006, but is a member of the "Old Skool" employees(here is a complete classification of Bungie employees). RunningTurtle does not post often on, but is credited with creating and maintaining the site's search feature.


(Taken from Bungie's Meet The Team page)

Nickname: Gaw-set Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Web Engineer Origin: Idaho

Blood Type: Clotting Age: Under 30

Weight: "Buck Forty" Height: Scrappy
File:Gholsbane avatar.gif

Girth: Phat First Job: Website Tester

Ultimate Halo Match: Pistols, Longest - "Three Bills", this is for you.
File:Funny pictures 1230.gif

Ultimate Snack: Red Bull (here's how style)

Ultimate Website: I love dev processes

Mode of Transport: G35 Coupe

Fake Weapon: Bush

Fastest 5k: 15:16

Biography: This is not classified, I just don't want to tell you.


RunningTurtle's Profile

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