Comandercody451 is a regular Floodian and Community Forum-goer, and one of the Mythic members on He joined on the 29th of January, 2008, and has been regularly active since he joined (for the most part). His current title (as of 8.24.2011) is Fabled Mythic Member. Life

comandercody451 joined after he began playing Halo PC and only began posting regularly after hearing about The Septagon in Halo 3, along with in-game prompts informing players to visit Shortly after joining, comandercody451 started looking through the forums on the site, mostly the Halo 3 Forum; however, he found it boring and then began posting primarily in the Community forum and The Flood Forum, where he has been posting ever since. His favorite Moderator is either The Slayer or Yoozel, and he is most active in the Eros, Sapphire, and Furries of The Flood chapters. He is also trying to revive Epic pic, a group which has seen a large decrease in activity.

In Real Life

In real life, comandercody451 enjoys bowling and collecting swords and radio-controlled helicopters. His favorite types of movies are fantasy, Sci-Fi, and horror.


Ask Your Ninja

Coup d'Bungie 5

Epic Pic Staff

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Coup d'Bungie

Epic pic


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Outer Haven

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Vaporeons Lagoon


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