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The Bungie.net Community Spotlight is a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (depending on how busy the Community Team is) spotlight on a prominent Bungie community member. This is where Frankie or another member of the Community Team interviews the member, and then posts the interview on the front page. The interviews are often surprise interviews, and are usually conducted via an instant messenger.

List of Community Members that have been Spotlighted (oldest to newest)[]

Dalteth Spotlight
BOLL Spotlight
Jillybean Spotlight
Narcogen Spotlight
Mintz Spotlight
Foo Mo Jive Spotlight
Ducain Spotlight
imSuck Spotlight
CunBelin Spotlight
Anne Wolanski Spotlight
Stosh Spotlight
Recon Number 54 Spotlight
Xerxdeej Spotlight
GameJunkieJim Spotlight
Louis Wu Spotlight
Chris547 Spotlight
ZoomDemon Spotlight
Dweezle Spotlight
Kitty Spotlight
LordGideon Spotlight
Maimum FEAR Spotlight