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The Bungie Community Team is the public face of Bungie. This small group of Bungie Employees is charged with interacting directly with the Bungie Community and taking on such tasks as gathering feedback on Bungie.net, Reddit, Bungie.org, and other fan sites, as well as writing Weekly Updates, conducting interviews, speaking with the media, and a host of other activities.

While dealing with the Bungie Community is rarely the sole job of Community Team members, it is often their most important. The Bungie Community Team is also the group of Bungie employees with the highest public profile. Indeed, some Community Team members, such as former Bungie employee Frank O'Connor (Frankie), can be quite literally classified as celebrities of the video gaming world. Every word said or written by a Community Team member is routinely scrutinized by Community members for the latest possible scrap of information about updates to Destiny 2.

As a result, Community Team members must undergo a special training before being allowed to speak to the public. The contents of the training are a secret, but most likely involve such topics as political correctness, avoiding giving away proprietary information, and how to speak with the media.

Community Team Members[]

The following is a list of the members of the Bungie Community Team:

Former Members[]