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CAVX's example using Coup d'Bungie

Coup d'Bungie was a userscript created by CAVX, Iggyhopper, and dazarobbo, that was active from 2008 to 2015. It was the first community-created userscript that let users modify their personal Bungie.net's forum appearance locally, only affecting the user who installed the script and those on the community "MasterScript" version.

With Coup d'Bungie installed, users had the option to turn off elevated Member Titles and Title Bars, and all Forum Ninja/Bungie text and title bar colors. Users could also customize their own title bar color and title, post background, text color, font style, and avatar.



Coup d'Bungie Installation Tutorial

Coup 2.0 Installation Tutorial by FLAIR

The Beginning: Coup d'Bungie[]

On June 10, 2008,[1] CAVX announced "Coup d'Bungie," a Firefox (eventually, Opera and Chrome were added) script that users on Bungie.net could install through the Greasemonkey extension[2] to "tweak the website." Users could use a generator[3] to customize their viewing experience and personalize the look of their posts, and could also use a generator[4] to customize the looks of another user's posts.

A "Master Script" was also made of everyone's personalized styles so that anyone using the script could see everyone's unique style, but users had to be approved by CostlyAxis[5] to be added.

Coup2 Settings

Coup 2.0's settings

Version 2.0[]

A few months later, CAVX created Coup d'Bungie 2.0,[6] combining the personal and master scripts into one and letting users choose to be added to the master script as an add-on. It also no longer required a generator to be exported for the master script due to the update.

Soon after 2.5's release,[7] CAVX closed his thread[8] and all discussion was moved to Duardo's Script Central thread[9] to create a centralized hub for all userscript discussion.

Coup 3 Settings Duardo example

Coup 3.0's settings

Version 3.0[]

Throughout the last quarter of 2008, CAVX and Iggyhooper (f.k.a. Sprool) teamed up to revamp Coup d'Bungie,[10] releasing "Coup V3" on November 21, 2008.[11][12] Version 3 allowed users to update their style in real-time, had an updated UI to make customization and submitting to the master script even easier than before, alerted users when they had new messages, and changed thread icons in the forum listing to a blue tine if they were made by a Coup user or had a Coup user post in it within the last hour.[13] However, at launch, updating to the master script and the new debug option wasn't available until a few updates later.

Sometime thereafter, CAVX retired and Iggyhopper took over full development. On January 28, 2009, Coup 3.5 was released,[14] with noticeable speed improvements. On June 8, 2010, Coup V3 shut down so that Iggyhopper could beta-test 4.0.[15]

Coup 3

Coup d'Bungie version 4

Coup4 Settings

Coup 4 settings within a profile (by PrimeGhost)


Bungie.net Coup Preview-3

Coup 4 video by Secret AGENT 09

Version 4.0[]

The following information was gathered from the Coup D Bungie private group.[16]

Iggyhopper wanted to improve Coup d'Bungie since version 3's code was written in haste. With improved code, "Coup 4" became available on July 10, 2010.[17] In addition to the typical customization from previous versions, this version put Coup Settings within the user's profile and let users have post backgrounds for themselves, replace all of their title bar text and buttons with other text or images, lets users save different styles within their settings, and let users disable anything they wished for other Coup users (within affecting those users).

Coup 4's server went offline on December 31, 2011.[18]


Coup d'Bungie 5

Coup5 in action

Coup 5's many user styles

Version 5.0[]

The following information was gathered from the Coup D Bungie private group[16] and the Coup 5 group.[19]

dazarobbo wanted it make the next version of Coup more secure due to nefarious users uploading inappropriate images and code and finding ways to change other user's styles in version 4, so he took on development of Coup d'Bungie 5, opting to change the hosting servers to a server much more stable.

The first step to make Coup more secure was dazarobbo creating an API for Coup d'Bungie 5, providing two services: users and styles. The API was shared amongst Coup developers in a Group called "coup5developers," and with the API, dazarobbo created Coup d'Bungie 5. He created a new group[19] to house discussion and provide updates. A Github[20] was also created to properly store updates and the other scripts needed to run Coup 5.

To use Coup 5, users needed to register with the Coup 5 server and obtain a Key before they could use the service. Everyone needed to register once to use all of the features that Coup 5 had to offer. To do this, users needed to:

  1. Request a Validation String (generated by the server based on the user's username);
  2. Place the Validation String in the homepage section of their profile settings, wrapped within a URL (ex. http://username.com);
  3. Request a Key by sending the server their Bungie memberID number;
  4. If the process was successful, the server would return a Key for the user to use and remove their homepage URL.

Coup 5 offered many more options than Coup 4, such as having separate boxes to have multiple post backgrounds, the option to the backgrounds transparent, an ignore list, quote border colors, thread/post divider options, message previews, more transparency options for everything, and more. Image hosting options was restricted to only three sites: Photobucket, Imgur, and ImageShack.

On January 10, 2013,[21] Bungie completely overhauled their website with a new version, Bungie.next. As a result of the site update, Coup d'Bungie 5 was forced to shut down, with its last update occurring three days prior.[20]

Coup BungieNext2

Coup 6 in the Coup D Bungie hroup

Coup 6 titles and custom avatars2

Coup 6 titles and custom avatars

Version 6.0[]

Due to the complete overhaul of Bungie.net, discussions began on if a new Coup should be created, and if so, how and when. Due to the overhaul being called a "beta" by Bungie, dazarobbo didn't want to start developing anything since the site would most likely change, however, he did start collecting feedback on what users would want to return.

How Coup V6 Works

Iggyhopper's diagram on how Coup V6 works

Iggyhopper also gauged interest on Coup returning in some form on January 24,[22] eventually releasing "Coup 6" for Firefox on January 31.[23] The next day, Opera and Chrome compatibility were added. Coup 6 initially only featured Group styling, lettings users add custom banners, username colors, and titles to Groups. The script also lets users create subtopics within Group thread. Coup settings were located in the Groups Admin area at http://www.bungie.net/en-us/Groups/Admin. On May 3, user Coups were added and could be edited at http://www.bungie.net/en-us/User/Edit.


Coup Lite


A Coup Lite style with a background image

In July 2014,[24][25][26][27] the website was updated and overhauled again to better serve Destiny Beta players. PrimeGhost managed to create a "Coup Lite" after the July site update.[28][29] The only options that could be added were a custom avatar, a custom tag, and post backgrounds, and PrimeGhost had to insert everyone's options manually. Iggyhopper eventually released an updated to Coup 6 with 6.2.63 in late July.[30] Other Groups also managed to make minor updates to their custom versions.[31] After this release, updates became very sporadic due to Bungie.net being updated each month and changing code around. The last update to for Coup 6 occurred in June 2015[32] but development soon ceased. However, a different version made by Mojo1965 called Coup D'Coup D'Bungie 2.0 was created in October 2015 and last updated in November 2016.[33]

End of the Coup[]

In 2017, dazarobbo created a new group, Coup D Bungie 7,[34] to gauge interest on the userscript returning in some form. While some were interested, others were curious if and how it would work on smartphones, since many users at the time browsed Bungie.net on their phone. While dazarobbo hinted at possibly making an app, nothing more came out of the discussion, leading to Coup d'Bungie's return being laid to rest.

Private Groups[]

Two groups formed to discussed Coup d'Bungie privately instead of within the public Script Central thread:[9] Coup d' Bungie,[35] created by R3iN3X on October 30, 2008, and Coup D Bungie,[16] created on July 18, 2009 after the first group shut down due to extended character issues causing editing problems, among other reasons.


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