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DEATHPIMP72 (also known as DP and D34THP1MP72) was a member of The WorkPLace and Halo 3 in the WorkPLace who tragically died on October 14, 2011. His real name was Christopher Wayne Brown and he was born on May 23, 1972. He lived in Florida.[1]

He was known for using (m) as an emoticon to give people a fist bump on the forums.

Deathpimp joined Bungie.net on May 20, 2008, and was invited to H3INTWP shortly thereafter. He was active there and The WorkPLace, posting and interacting with other members almost every day.

DP was a big fan of Halo 3's Forge mode. His skill was highlighted in May 2009 when his map, "Punishment v2,"[2] was placed into rotation in Halo 3's classic matchmaking playlists by Shishka. As a result of his map's inclusion into Halo 3, members of H3ITWP created a special Group in his honor, "Th3 D34THPIMP72 Fan Club" with the mission statement: "For the love of all that is Pimp."[3][4]

In 2010 and 2011, he attended Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle, WA, to meet his TWP friends and other community members.




"No, don't call me a hero. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys, who wake up every morning, and go into their normal jobs, and get a distress call from the commissioner, and take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real heroes."