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DKside41 is a member of, and has been around for nearly a year, but has only been poting for about eight months. He can usualy be found residing in the Flood forum. He Had grow tired of the repetitive nature of the Halo Reach forum and has cemented himself in the Flood

Start of the Account

DKside41 started his abount to report a bug found in the Halo Reach Punlic Beta. The user never could figure out how to report said bug, so the account remaind inactive for seveal months.

Current Status

DKside41 usually finds himslef on The Flood, and very seldomly on the Halo Reach forum, due to the lack of creative threads on the forum.


DKside41 usually is an easy-going person with a good (Yet almost bizzare) sense of humor. He is an aspiring guitarist who enjoys to post in narly all threads. DK seldom makes threads of his own, but they are usually about music or threads asking what the other users favorite thigs are. He enjoys playing th
File:The almighty les paul by dkside41-d2z0emd.jpg
e guitar, playig games, reading, and recording video game walkthrughs ith comenatry, otherwhise called 'Lets Plays' He also has a hatre for the munber 41 for reasons know only to him.
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