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Daniel Hanson is an engineer on Bungie's User Interface ("UI") Team. Hanson joined Bungie in October 2011 and is currently working on UI programming for Bungie's next project.


Following high school, Hanson attended Washington State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Before settling on Computer Science, however, Hanson considered a variety of majors and careers, including Math Education (to become a teacher) and the U.S. Air Force ROTC (to join the military following college).

Prior to joining Bungie, he worked at Microsoft Corporation for three years, working on various coding for Windows 8, among other projects. Even while at Microsoft, however, Hanson was working on several video game-related side projects in his spare time, which boosted his portfolio when he applied to work at Bungie. Among these projects was a small XBox 360 game developed using XNA and a website to show off his portfolio.

At Bungie, Hanson coordinates with a variety of teams to allow for their work product to be integrated into the UI. He also creates tools for UI artists and designers to create various screens, widgets, animations, and other features.


  • Broke into "incoherent babbling and tears of joy" when he received an email from a Bungie recruiter to set up a job interview
  • Developed a text-based XBox 360 game as part of his portfolio for applying to Bungie


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