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"I think the days are gone with the guys that say 'Honey, I'm going over to Jeff's house to go play cards'...now it's 'Honey, I'm going over to Jeff's house to go play Halo'."

David candland

David Candland

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Nickname: Evil Otto

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: UI Lead, Halo: Reach

Origin: Seattle, WA

Marital Status: 20 years+

Age: 42

Progeny: 6

First Job: Art Intern, Microsoft 3D Moviemaker


David Candland is an Old School employee of Bungie Studios. He has worked as a User Interface lead on Bungie projects such as Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

Dave and his UI work has appeared in several Bungie ViDocs including Router 7.0, Halo 2 multiplayer, Halo Reach: Carnage Carnivale, and Is Quisnam Protero Damno!

David Candland's Xbox Live gamertag is is Evil Otto, derived from "the invincible smiley-face boss from the old Atari game Berzerk". Candland is 42 years old and lives in Washington state with his wife and six children.

As a kid, I used to blow an entire Saturday off pumping quarters into arcade games. In college, I had an epiphany after playing hours and hours of continuous Marathon in the ArtCenter Mac lab - maybe I could get paid to do this. I redirected my major emphasis to interactive design, and after a few years at Microsoft and Sierra, I'm here at Bungie making money doing the two things my Dad said would never get me anywhere - art & video games. I live in a tiny rural 'no stoplight' town with my wife, Marcy and our kids. Frog blast the vent core.


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