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The word "demon" can refer to:

  • The Dreaming God - the player's primary enemy in Pathways Into Darkness, referred to as a demon in some official descriptions of the game[citation needed].
  • A Wraith - one of a species of invisible creatures introduced on the level "A Plague of Demons" in Pathways.[1]
  • The boss of the level "Ok, Who Else Wants Some?" in Pathways, who may be a manifestation or avatar of the awakening Dreaming God. The Pathways Hint Book refers to this character as "the Flaming Smokey Dude".[2] An early draft of the book referred to him as "Deceit".[3]
  • A W'rkncacnter - a powerful chaos being in the Marathon universe. The Dreaming God may have been a W'rkncacnter.
  • The Iron Demon - an enemy which was intended to appear in Oni, but [?which] was removed before the game's release, presumably due to time and budget limitations.
  • A Spartan - one of an army of cyborg soldiers in the Halo universe who members of the Covenant refer to as "demons".
  • The Spartan Master Chief John-117 - one of the central characters of the Halo series, who the Covenant call "the Demon".

Other references to demons[]

In Pathways Into Darkness, one of the artifacts the player can find is a vial which originally contained what one of the characters referred to as "the essence of an imprisoned demon".

Oni's title is a reference to a demon-like creature in Japanese folklore.[citation needed]

In the second of the Cortana Letters, Cortana says that she's been having dreams of "a Demon folded in black clouds".[4] Hamish Sinclair noted that this description matches Deceit's appearance. However, the letters are non-canon relative to the current version of Halo's universe.

In Halo 3's announcement trailer, the apparently merged Cortana/Gravemind being states: "I have defied gods and demons."[5] The game's release may reveal who this refers to.


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