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Destiny 2 is the sequel to Destiny and the second game in the Destiny series. The game released on September 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and on October 24, 2017 for PC on the Battle.net platform. The game released on Steam and Google Stadia on October 1, 2019, coinciding with the release of Shadowkeep. The game was originally released as a pay to play game but became free-to-play under the New Light title on October 1, 2019.

An open beta was held for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in July 2017, and then again in August for PC.

The game was published by Activision until December 31, 2018, when Bungie acquired the publishing rights to the franchise.

Synopsis, Expansions and Seasons[]

The Red War[]

The Red War was the main Destiny 2 campaign that launched with the game on September 6, 2017. It was retired and put into the Destiny Content Vault on November 10, 2020.[1]


After years of fighting against the proxy forces of the Darkness and emerging victorious, the Guardians found themselves outmatched when a Cabal army known as the Red Legion launched a surprise attack on the Last City, destroying the Tower. Deploying a light suppressing net over The Traveler, all Guardians are cut off from their powers as their leader, Ghaul, drains the light from The Traveler. With their powers and arsenals lost and their home conquered, the Guardians retreated to the outskirts of the European Dead Zone to a place known as The Farm. There, the Guardians recovered their Light upon finding a shard of the Traveler, and planned a counterattack in order to save their home and legacy.

After much sacrifice and determination, the Guardians succeeded in liberating their home, driving the Red Legion away, and awaken the Traveler from its centuries of slumber, restoring their Light and destroying Ghaul forever. Despite this momentous victory, various figures of the Red Legion would attempt to carry on the Red War, either for their own purposes or to finish what Ghaul had started in destroying the Guardians. Despite these new foes, the Guardians maintained their strength and determination, while also contending with major threats besides the Red Legion.

Destiny 2 Expansion Pass

Destiny 2 Expansion Pass

Curse of Osiris

Curse of Osiris Promotional Art

Curse of Osiris[]

Curse of Osiris was included in the Expansion Pass with the purchase of Destiny 2 as downloadable content (DLC) and was released on December 6, 2017. It was also known as Expansion I. The expansion introduced a raid lair and a new planet, Mercury. It was retired and put into the Destiny Content Vault on November 10, 2020.[1]


The legendary figure of Osiris returns after years of exile, and makes contact with his former student, Ikora Rey. Osiris discovers the Vex from both past and future timelines are amassing on Mercury. Osiris discovers that the Vex are on the verge of a particularly dark future where they reign supreme and sends his Ghost, Sagira, out of the forest to get help. Despite Ikora's reluctance to trust Osiris, she sends the Guardian to find him and determine whether he can be counted on as an ally in the fight.

The Vex have transformed an area on Mercury into the Infinite Forest, a virtual simulation of the universe where the Vex use as to bring their plans into reality. The forest is overseen by Panoptes, Infinite Mind. The likelihood of properly navigating the forest is infinitesimally small, but your Guardian must work with Ikora to stop the Vex planet core Panoptes and save Osiris.


Warmind Promotional Art


Warmind was included in the Expansion Pass with the purchase of Destiny 2 as downloadable content (DLC) and was released on May 8, 2018. It was also known as Expansion II. The expansion introduced a raid lair and a new planet, Mars. It was retired and put into the Destiny Content Vault on November 10, 2020.[1]

Synopsis Ana Bray, a Guardian long thought lost, searches for a connection to her past. Her search leads her to the polar caps of Mars. As Golden Age warsats begin crashing into the ice, the glaciers begin to thaw, revealing the core of the Warmind Rasputin – and an ancient Hive army bent on its destruction. Now free, the Hive swarm in service to their god Xol. The Guardian must help Ana discover her past and destroy the Hive’s gargantuan worm-god before it is too late.


Forsaken Promotional Art


Forsaken was Destiny 2's first major expansion and was released on September 4, 2018. The expansion included significant updates to the game’s gameplay, weapons, and reward systems, storyline, game modes, new destinations, a new enemy, a dungeon, and a raid. The campaign was retired and put into the Destiny Content Vault on February, 22, 2022.

Synopsis Following years of turmoil, The Reef has begun to degrade into lawlessness. Cayde-6 and the Guardian are sent to investigate the area and help alleviate the area's major stresses. Upon landing at The Reef, a massive prison break occurs at the Prison of Elders, freeing some of the most wanted and dangerous criminals back into the galaxy. Cayde-6 meets his final death at the hands of Uldren of the Reef and the Scorn, Fallen corrupted by dark ether. The Vanguard condemn the action but are not in a place to retaliate. Petra Venj and the Guardian, fueled by revenge, look to hunt the 8 Barons of the Scorn and Uldren in the Tangled Shore, eventually culminating in the discovery of the Awoken homeworld known as the Dreaming City.

Black armory

Season of the Forge Art


Season of the Outlaw

Season of the Outlaw was released with Forsaken on September 4, 2018. This was the first time a name was placed on a season; prior to Season of the Outlaw, seasons were only numbered (ex. Season 1, etc.).

Season of the Forge

Formerly known as Black Armory, Season of the Forge was released on December 4, 2018. Season of the Forge is the first expansion in the Destiny 2 Forsaken Annual Pass. It included a new activity, raid, and many new weapons and armor to collect. The expansion was formally revealed in September 2018 as a part of the Destiny 2 Road Map. It was retired and put into the Destiny Content Vault on November 10, 2020.[1]

Synopsis During the Golden Age, a proud order of weaponsmiths known as the Black Armory kept their expertly crafted weapons hidden from the outside world. A newly-created Fallen terrorist organization, the Kell's Scourge, have stolen from the Black Armory and are using its technology to terrorize Earth and establish a foothold of power in The Last City. Ada-1 has taken up shop in the Tower and, reluctantly, requested help from the Vanguard to reclaim the lost forges, offering their highly specialized weapons in return.

Jokers Wild

Season of the Drifter Art

Season of the Drifter

Formerly known as Joker's Wild, Season of the Drifter was released on March 5, 2019. Season of the Drifter is the second expansion in the Destiny 2 Forsaken Annual Pass. It included two new modes called Gambit Prime and The Reckoning. The expansion was formally revealed in September 2018 as a part of the Destiny 2 Road Map. It was retired and put into the Destiny Content Vault on November 10, 2020.[1]

Synopsis The motives and backstory of the enigmatic Drifter are explored in detail as he grimly looks towards the Second Collapse to come. Your Guardian is contacted by Aunor of the Praxic Order looking to know more about what the Drifter is trying to accomplish, and you must make a choice to either side with the Drifter or side with Aunor. Orin, the Emissary of the Nine, and her past with the Drifter from before she became a vessel for the Nine, is explored. The Nine, beings of dark matter, show the Drifter visions of two terrible universes: one consumed by Darkness, another by Light.


Season of Opulence Art

Season of Opulence

Formerly known as Penumbra, Season of Opulence was released June 4, 2019. Season of the Opulence is the third and final expansion in the Destiny 2 Forsaken Annual Pass. It introduced a new raid and a new mode called The Menagerie. The expansion was formally revealed in September 2018 as a part of the Destiny 2 Road Map. It was retired and put into the Destiny Content Vault on November 10, 2020.[1]

Synopsis Emperor Calus tempts the Guardian towards his side as a Shadow by opening his Menagerie and Tribute Hall. He sends Guardians on treasure hunts throughout the system to unlock the power of the Chalice of Opulence—upgrades that allow you to choose the type of gear you earn. In exchange, Calus needs help with a mistake involving a Hive artifact.


Shadowkeep Promotional Art


Shadowkeep was released on October 1, 2019. It's Destiny 2's second major expansion. It was the first major expansion to be published independently by Bungie after acquiring publishing rights for the series from Activision in early 2019, as well as the first to arrive on Steam rather than the Battle.net client which had been used since Destiny 2's launch. The expansion returned players to a reprised and expanded version of Destiny's Moon destination.

With Shadowkeep's release, a Season Pass was introduced for players to unlock loot by gaining experience from playing activities. Another new mechanic was the Seasonal Artifact, which was given to all players when a Season began, and it being replaced with another one in the next Season. Earning experience also upgraded the Artifact, which gave the player character an uncapped power bonus and unlocked seasonal mods for weapons and armor.

Alongside Shadowkeep, the original Destiny 2 base game was re-released as a free-to-play title called Destiny 2: New Light. At the time, this free-to-play version featured all of the content of the original Destiny 2 base game, as well as the content from the first two expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, among various other PvE and PvP activities.

Starting from the Season of the Undying, content introduced in a Season was removed from the game when the Season ended. Players could keep the items they unlocked in their Collections, but couldn't items they have not obtained before the Season's end. Unobtained items turned invisible in Collections.


The Guardian receives a mission from Eris Morn to return to the moon after she discovers something buried deep under the Hellmouth that is bringing forth nightmare spectres to haunt her.

Upon searching for Eris Morn, the Guardian encounters a Pyramid Ship within the depths of the Moon before meeting Crota, Ghaul, and Fikru, enemies the Guardian had defeated in The Dark Below, Red War, and Forsaken expansions. The Guardian is unable to defeat them and is saved by Eris mid-battle. Afterward, the Guardian and Eris hunt down the answers about a new, mysterious threat. More old enemies return as the hunt continues.


Season of the Undying Art


Season of the Undying

Season of the Undying was released on October 8, 2019, beginning at the weekly reset after players completed the Garden of Salvation raid. The season included Vex Invasions that appeared as public events in the three main areas of the Moon, and the Vex Offensive six-player activity in the Black Garden.

Synopsis Responding to the Guardian's invasion of the Black Garden to track the source of Unknown Artifact's signal given to them by the Darkness itself, the Vex in the Black Garden emerge to assault the surface of the Moon. Working with Ikora, players have to fight back against the Vex invasion in a new seasonal activity, the Vex Offensive.


Season of Dawn Art

Season of Dawn

Season of Dawn was released on December 10, 2019. The season included a new story, the Sundial Activity, the Corridors of Time activity, and series' first live event to end the season. When the season ended, all seasonal pursuits and activities were removed to be replaced with the new season.

Synopsis In Season of Dawn, with the Vex Invasion now defeated, Osiris returns from the Infinite Forest, sharing a new simulation where a council of Cabal Psion Flayers manipulated time and to undo our victory against the Red Legion during the Red War. Guardians must play the new Sundial activity to stop the Psions while also saving a young Saint-14 through the Corridors of Time.

Season of the worthy

Season of the Worthy Art

Season of the Worthy

Season of the Worthy was released on March 10, 2020. The season included new Rasputin bunkers, Legendary Lost Sectors, and Seraph Tower public events. When the season ended, all seasonal pursuits and activities were removed to be replaced with the new season.

Synopsis After their defeat in the Infinite Forest, the last of the Red Legion Psion leaders return to the Almighty and set it on a collision course for Earth, hoping to take out the Traveler and the Last City. With little choice, Zavala accepts Ana Bray's suggestion and they look to rearm Rasputin to destroy The Almighty before it arrives, but he needs to regain full power first. Players must complete Seraph Tower public events to launch Warsats into the sky that will help Rasputin stop The Almighty. At the end of the season, a live event of The Almighty getting destroyed took place in the Tower.


Season of Arrivals Art

Season of Arrivals

Season of Arrivals released on June 9, 2020. The season included the Contact Public Event, the Prophecy Nine-themed Dungeon, and a new way to earn loot through Umbral Engrams and the Prismatic Decoder. When the season ended, all seasonal pursuits and activities were removed to be replaced with the new season.


As fragments of the vanquished Almighty burn in the sky, the Pyramid ships finally arrive in the Solar system, shutting down Rasputin and setting down on multiple locations where the Vanguard have a foothold: Mars, Mercury, Io, and Titan. Uncertain of their intentions, the Guardians are given invitations to learn more about what they want, which is being blocked by Savathun, the trickster Hive Queen.

The Guardian is sent to Io by Zavala to find and retrieve Eris Morn. She is found investigating a mysterious tree hidden away on Io, and grants the Guardian an artifact, the Seed of Silver Wings, and tasks them with containing the Darkness on Io with the help of The Drifter, to break through Savathun's interference in order to commune with the Darkness. After continuing to do this, eventually the Guardian is met by Savathun's mysterious supplicant, who is revealed to be Nokris. Upon dispatching him, hopefully for the last time, the Guardian is intercepted by the Darkness, where they are told that there lies a mysterious power for them on Europa. At the end of the season, another live event took place where players could visit the Last City to gaze upon the Traveler healing itself as the Darkness came and took away four planets: Mars, Mercury, Titan and Io.

Beyond Light

Beyond Light Promotional Art

Beyond Light[]

Beyond Light was released on November 10, 2020. It's Destiny 2's third major expansion and introduced a new story, a new raid, a new Darkness subclass, a new destination, Europa, and reintroduced Earth's Cosmodome and the Vault of Glass raid.

Based off of feedback, Bungie decided that seasons introduced after Beyond Light's launch would stay in the game until the next major expansion was released, however, almost all older content except certain destinations, and the Forsaken and Shadowkeep campaigns, would be put into a new content model called the Destiny Content Vault to decrease install size of the game so they can test things faster and fix things at a quicker pace.[1]

The expansion was originally scheduled to be released on September 22. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bungie's employees were forced to work from their homes, resulting in Season of Arrivals being extended for six months and Beyond Light being released on November 10.

Synopsis With the Traveler contending with the Darkness, multiple planets seemingly vanish overnight. Their spirit is unsettled but their resolve rebounding, they sudden get a distress signal from Variks on Europa telling of an extremist Fallen leader Eramis tapping into fragments of the Pyramid ships and giving them darkness powers they call Stasis. Unable to properly contend with Stasis with their own light, your Guardian is contacted by the Exo Stranger and given tutoring on how to utilize Stasis for yourself and fight against Eramis' new House of Salvation.

Season hunt

Season of the Hunt Art


Season of the Hunt

Season of the Hunt was released on November 10, 2020. The season introduced a new activity, Wrathborn Hunts, and the Harbinger Exotic Quest.

Synopsis In Season of the Hunt, the Hive God of War threatens a solar system thrown into turmoil. Hive shrines are appearing throughout the solar system and the Spider has felt the effect of this disturbance. Work with allies, old and new, to upgrade your Lure, snare your prey, and challenge the Hive God.


Season of the Chosen Art

Season of the Chosen

Season of the Chosen was released on February 9, 2021. The season included new Battlegrounds activities, a new Proving Grounds strike, the H.E.L.M. destination, a new Exotic quest called Presage, and the return of two Cosmodrome strikes, The Devils' Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R.


With the Pyramids and Xivu Arath destabilizing the system, Empress Caiatl, leader of the Cabal and daughter of Calus, seeks an alliance. But when she demands more than Zavala can offer, negotiations collapse, and Guardians must become the tip of the spear that strikes at her growing war council.

The fallout from the failed treaty has resulted in Cabal forces taking up arms on multiple destinations – prepared to defend the glory of the Empire. In the Battlegrounds three-player matchmade activity, Guardians will engage in ritual combat against Caiatl’s chosen warriors.

Season Splicer

Season of the Splicer Art

Season of the Splicer

Season of the Splicer was released on May 11, 2021. The season included a new six-player activity called Override, new missions inside the Vex Network called Expunge, corrupted versions of those missions, the return of the Vault of Glass raid, an expansion to the H.E.L.M., and the Eliksni Quarters area in the Last City.


In Season of the Splicer, the Vex have cut off power to the Last City, plunging humanity into darkness and disrupting vital supply chains the Vanguard requires to keep people alive. Mithrax, the Fallen Kell, has reappeared, and the Vanguard have a proposition: team up and defeat the Vex. Mithrax has gained the ability to splice into Vex networks and will assist players in their journey to defeat the endless night.

The Vex have plunged the Last City into an endless night, threatening the safety once found beneath the watchful presence of the Traveler. It is here, bathed in perpetual moonlight, that Ikora reveals the identity of an unlikely ally that may hold the keys to triumphing over this attack.

Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light, leads a small group of Eliksni who wish to be closer to the Traveler. As a Sacred Splicer, he possesses the knowledge needed to combat the Vex technology that ensnares the Last City. There is a bond of Light shared here… will it be enough?

Season of the lost

Season of the Lost Art

Season of the Lost

Season of the Lost was released on August 24, 2021. The season included the Astral Alignment and Shattered Realm activities, the Tracing the Stars Exotic quest,


Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken. It would be an understatement to say that much has transpired in her absence. Her brother, Uldren, last seen lying in rest, walks among the Guardians wearing a new name, Crow; Xivu Arath’s forces rally in the shadow of the Black Fleet; and Savathûn has been revealed at the heart of the Endless Night and has been impersonating Osiris. And so, it is now, under the light of a long-awaited sun, that Mara Sov returns to her Dreaming City and seeks an audience with the Witch Queen.

Sister to Xivu Arath and Oryx, this family of gods have challenged humanity for centuries. It was Savathûn who defied the Black Fleet, even as it drove a wedge between her and her sister. Although her motive remains obscured, Savathûn’s involvement with the Endless Night demands answers.

Bungie 30th anniversary pack

30th Anniversary Art

Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack[]

Bungie 30th Anniversary was released on December 7, 2021. Rather than an expansion, it was announced as a "pack." The pack included the Dares of Eternity six-player activity, Xur's Treasure Hoard social space on Eternity, and the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. The pack included several callbacks and weapons from Bungie's past games, including the Forerunner exotic quest and the Gjallarhorn exotic weapon.

Synopsis In the 30th Anniversary celebration, Xûr has opened Eternity, a mysterious Nine space where the Bungie universes collide and Guardians can claim powerful weapons and rewards. But it's not enough to be invited. Guardians must prove themselves worthy in the Dares of Eternity to claim these strange interdimensional gifts.


  • Halo references include:
    1. Forerunner exotic - Shaped like the Halo: CE pistol and a reference to Halo's Forerunner race. The catalyst for Forerunner add an extra perk to the weapon that will throw a Halo frag grenade on the ground that can give a jump boost to the player, similar to Halo's grenade jumping. The name of the catalyst is "The Rock," which may be a reference to Sergeant Johnson in Halo 2's Metropolis level when played on Heroic where he says, "When i joined the corps, we didn't have any fancy-schmanzy tanks. We had sticks! two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon - and we had to share the rock!"
    2. Magnum Opus Quest for Forerunner - A reference to Halo's Magnum weapon. The icon for the quest resembles the UNSC logo. During the Forerunner quest the text, "This cave is not a natural formation," appears. Cortana says this in the second level of Halo: CE. Additionally, The Cyro Pod you have to open to resembles Halo's stasis pods. When Banshee gives you the weapon, he says it "kicks like a warthog."
    3. Dead Man's Revenge ornament for the Dead Man's Tale exotic - A reference to Halo: Reach's DMR weapon. The reticle on the ornament is similar to DMR's.
    4. GJNKR ornament for the Gjallarhorn exotic - A reference to Halo's rocket launcher, the SPNKR, with is a reference to Marathon's rocket launcher. The design also resembles the Halo's Spartan Laser weapon.
    5. BXR-55 Battler weapon - A reference to Halo 2's and Halo 3's Battle Rifle-55 weapon. BXR is also a reference to the controller button combo you can use in Halo 2 with the Battle Rifle to one-hit kill opponents in multiplayer. The icon for the frame is a reference to Misriah Armory, the Halo in-universe manufacturer of the Battle Rifle.
    6. Blunt Execution Rounds weapon trait - Similar to BXR, this trait allows players to increase their weapon's handling and damage after using a melee ability.
    7. Perpetual Motion weapon trait - A callout to Halo's playstyle and aim assist which kicks in when the player is moving.
    8. Retraced Path linear fusion rifle - A reference to either Halo's Covenant sniper rifle or Halo: Reach's focus rifle.
    9. Half-Truths and The Other Half swords - Each sword is a half of the Covenant energy sword. Half-Truths could also be a reference to the Prophet of Truth dying to an energy sword in Halo 2.
    10. Ragdoll emote - A reference to Halo: CE's death animation. When used, text for the emote says "[player] flies like a brick," which is a reference to Sergeant Johnson saying, "For a brick, he flew pretty good," during Halo 2.
    11. Burnished Reed shader - Similar to Master Chief's color scheme.
    12. 7 Ancient Skulls in Eternity - A reference to Halo's skulls that are found in almost every Halo game. Each skull references one of Bungie's past games.
    13. "This skull is ringed with a nimbus that blinds you with its majesty." skull - The Ancient Skull found in the Valley on Eternity. A reference to Halo's Blind Skull, and a reference to the Prophet asking the Arbiter if he was blinded by Halo's majesty.
    14. Anniversary Pose emote - A reference to Halo: Reach's armor lock ability.
    15. Pink Mist ornament for the Malfeasance exotic - A reference to Halo's Needler Covenant weapon, and to Halo 3's medal, "Fear the Pink Mist," which could be obtained by killing five enemies with the Needler. Malfeasance has to hit a enemy five times to blow it up.
    16. Cellular Division transmit effect - A reference to Bungie's old intro in the first few Halo games.
    17. Sidearm Smackdown finisher - A reference to the Halo melee animation with a Magnum.
    18. Birthday Blade finisher - A reference to Halo's energy sword.
    19. Equator Ghost shell - Has a rotating ring around Ghost.
    20. Hive Smasher ship - Resembles Halo's Warthog vehicle.
    21. Mud Caked Monstrosity sparrow - A reference to Halo's Mongoose vehicle.
    22. The Elegant Guard shell - A possible reference to the Honor Guard Ultras in Halo, particularly in the color scheme.
    23. Titan Ringwalker armor ornament set - The name alone is a reference to walking on a Halo ring. One shoulder pad is a reference to Halo's Needler Covenant weapon. The Titan Mark resembles Master Chief's shoulder pieces. The Ringwalker Greaves have a pattern that resembles Forerunner architecture. The Helmet also vaguely resembles either a Halo marine helmet or Master Chief's helmet.
    24. Sweaty Confetti weapon mod - A reference to Halo's Grunt Birthday Party skull.
    25. Warlock streetwear armor ornament - Resembles the Arbiter's armor. The bond is a blue Halo ring.
    26. Vidmaster Seal - A reference to Halo 3's Vidmaster challenges and to Marathon's Vidmaster Challenge.
    27. Valley area rock formation - Resembles part of the Silent Cartographer mission in Halo: CE.
    28. The Seat of Power emote - Could be a reference to an image found in Halo 2 matchmaking of marine's on a couch using controllers.
    29. Inspired Eidolon sparrow - A reference to the Ghost vehicle from the Halo series.
    30. Eager Edge sword trait - This trait gives player the ability to sword lunge, similar to Halo's Energy Sword functionality. The icon for the trait is the Energy Sword's reticle.
    31. Golden Tricorn weapon trait - A reference to Halo's "golden triangle of gameplay" which was a rule to the three core parts of gameplay to win: guns, melee, and grenades. The traity gives a damage buff for each of these in Destiny 2, and gives a 3x stask if a player gets a skill using all three.
    32. A firing Halo - If you take a BombtenderDare Core from the beginning of a Cabal run in Dares of Eternity and throw it at the thin shaft at the top where you can see a Seventh Column symbol, a beam comes down through it and it resembles a classic Halo beam firing, and above it are two contrails that remind the player of a Halo ring outline.
    33. Flaming Helmet - The Tiger ornament lights up on fire when surrounded by enemies, similar to the Flaming Helmet from Halo games.
    34. You Think You're Big Time? ornament for the Xenophage exotic - While the ornament resembles Marathon, it also has the Marathon logo on it, which was called the Reclaimer symbol in Bungie's Halo games.
    35. Pardon Our Dust grenade launcher - The reticle resembles Halo's grenade launcher.
  • Marathon references include:
    1. Marathon armor sets - The Titan armor resembles the Pfhor Hunter, the Warlock armor resembles the S'pht Compiler, and the Hunter resembles the Security Officer.
    2. Wastelander M5 shotgun - A reference to the WSTE-M5 combat shotgun.
    3. All Four Barrels finisher - A reference to Marathon's dual-wielding double-barrelled shotguns.
    4. GJNKR ornament for the Gjallarhorn exotic - A reference to Halo's rocket launcher, the SPNKR, with is a reference to Marathon's rocket launcher.
    5. Unixûrsal Voyager exotic ship - A reference to the UESC color ship.
    6. Vidmaster Seal - A reference to Halo 3's Vidmaster challenges and to Marathon's Vidmaster Challenge.
    7. Spark from Bone ornament for the Trinity Ghoul exotic - A possible reference to the S'pht. The crest on the bow looks similar to the S'pht's head crest.
    8. You Think You're Big Time? ornament for the Xenophage exotic - The body, the barrel, and the name are a reference to the level of the same name from Marathon: Infinity. There is also a Marathon symbol on the ornament.
    9. "This skull bears an inscription: DURANDAL WAS LAUGHING" skull - The Ancient Skull found in the Valley on Eternity that references Marathon's final screen's last line where the AI Durandal was laughing and dancing through the wreckage of a Pfhor scountship.
    10. Titan Ringwalker armor ornament set - One shoulder pad resembles a shoulder cannon for Pfhor Hunters.
  • Pathways Into Darkness references include:
    1. Pardon Our Dust grenade launcher - The phrase "pardon our dust" is a reference to one of PID's levels, "Please Excuse Our Dust," and the grenade launcher resembles the M-79 grenade launcher from PID.
    2. Cedar and Ash ornament - A reference to an item from PID called the Cedar Box, which allows you to regenerate any type of ammo in the game by putting one type inside the box and letting time pass.
    3. "This skull tells no secrets unless you can speak with the dead." skull - The Ancient Skull found in the Valley on Eternity. A reference to the yellow crystal you can speak to the dead through.
  • Myth references include:
    1. Hero of Ages sword - A reference to the Berserks who use claymore sword.
    2. "This skull is from a mythical war against the Fallen Lords." skull - The Ancient Skull found in the Valley on Eternity that references Myth's Fallen Lords.
  • Oni references include:
    1. Daodan Surge modifier - A reference for when Konoko enters the Daodan state from using a Hypo to exceed her maximum health, which also increases her melee damage.
    2. Frictionless Roadrocket sparrow - Vaguely resembles Konoko's motorcycle.
    3. "This skull has its origins in a dark future... or an uncertain past." skull - The Ancient Skull found in the Valley on Eternity. A reference to Oni's tagline, "A dark future ... an uncertain past ... no one left to trust."
  • Operation: Desert Storm references include:
    1. "This skull was pulled from a tank lost in an ancient, arid war." skull - The Ancient Skull found in the Valley on Eternity.
  • Minotaur references include:
    1. "This skull is from the depths of a legendary maze." skull - The Ancient Skull found in the Valley on Eternity.
  • Game Show or Late Show references include:
    1. “Where reality is made up and your repeated deaths do not matter” - Whose Line Is It Anyway? “Where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter.”
    2. “Come on down to tonight’s Dares of Eternity!” - Price Is Right “Come on down!”
    3. “Asked paracausal entities to name their favorite contestant. Survey says: Guardians.” - Family Feud “Survey says!”
    4. “The entropic equine believes you will participate in any challenge, if the price is right, on tonight’s Dares of Eternity” - Price Is Right
    5. “What is surviving tonight’s Dares of Eternity?” - Jeopardy
    6. “Put simply, can you deal or no deal with tonight’s Dares of Eternity?” - Deal or No Deal
    7. “Big money, big bucks, big money” - Press Your Luck
    8. “From beautiful downtown Torobatl” - The Tonight Show (but more likely Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In due to a later reference)
    9. “Did you forget to say ‘no whammies’?” - Press Your Luck
    10. “Reminding you to have your Ghost spayed or neutered” - Price is Right, Bob Barker’s famous sign off
    11. "Big money, Big prizes" - Super Smash TV
    12. Starhorse - [Pleasant huff] Xur - “Err, good night, Xur” - A reference to Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In: Dan Rowan - “Say good night, Dick” Dick Martin - “Good night, Dick” - This quip was also made famous by George Burns & Gracie Allen's "Say Good Night, Gracie."
    13. The preposterous obstacle course and the waiver quote may be an MXC or Wipeout reference
    14. There's also a line about the starhorse deliberately putting us in Jeopardy.
    15. Wheel of Fortune reference with the spinning wheel of enemies to fight
    16. The name of the Taken Ogre that can appear in the second round: Kashh’n Pryzus - Cash and prizes
    17. The three doors at the end of the second round is likely a reference to the Big Deal in Let’s Make a Deal
    18. Xur can announce the Taken as "not here to make friends", which is an incredibly common line on reality competition shows like The Bachelorette
  • Pop Culture references:
    1. Space Balls - Several vehicles and a Ghost shell resemble the main ship-van from Space Balls
Witch queen

The Witch Queen Art

The Witch Queen[]

The Witch Queen was released on February 22, 2022. It's Destiny 2's fourth major expansion. The expansion included a new campaign, the Throne World destination, the Wellspring activity, Weapon Crafting, the Preservation activity, the Altar of Reflection activities, and the Vow of the Disciple raid.

The expansion was originally scheduled to be released in the last quarter of 2021, however, Bungie announced in February 2021 that it was being pushed back to early 2022, with Lightfall pushed back to early 2023. Bungie said they wanted to shift to releasing expansions within the first two quarters of the years instead of last quarter.[2][3]

Synopsis Savathûn has gifted her soldiers with the powers of the Light. As the Knight you’ve struck down rises from the dead for the second time, a feeling of betrayal washes over you and you can’t help but wonder: When the Light offers no shelter – no solace – where will you turn?

S16-media-wallpaper-full1 Risen

Season of the Risen Art


Season of the Risen

Season of the Risen was released on February 22, 2022, with the launch of the Witch Queen expansion. The season included the PsiOps Battlegrounds activities on the EDZ, Cosmodrome, and Moon, and included the Vox Obscura exotic quest on Mars.

Synopsis The Witch Queen has stolen the Light. Her Hive army rises from the battlefield, undeterred. Our only hope lies in using psionic technology shared by Empress Caiatl to sever the Lucent Brood's connection to the Light and uncover their hidden plans.


Season of the Haunted Art

Season of the Haunted

Season of the Haunted was released on March 24, 2022. The season included the return of the Leviathan, but as a patrol space with public events, including the Nightmare Containment public event activity. In addition, the Sever activity launched to tell the seasonal story, and a new dungeon, Duality, was released.

Synopsis Calus’ once-opulent ship, now derelict and corrupted, has returned to our galaxy—its sights set on the Pyramid ship lying dormant on the Moon. As the Leviathan forms a connection with the Pyramid, Nightmares of the past awaken and threaten to torment any who dare intervene.


Season of Plunder Art

Season of Plunder

Season of Plunder was released on August 23, 2022. The season included the return of the Eliksni Quarter social space and the King's Fall raid. The new Ketchcrash, Expedition, and Pirate Hideout activities were also added.

Synopsis Eramis, awoken from her icy prison by a Dark benefactor, has rallied old pirate lords of Eliksni legend to assist her in recovering lost relics of great power... unless you plunder them first. There is no horizon to reach, no edge to your map, but there most certainly is treasure. Assemble your crew, Guardian.

S19-media-wallpaper-2 Seraph

Season of the Seraph Art

Season of the Seraph

Season of the Seraph was released on December 2, 2022. The season included the return of the BrayTech Futurescape area on Mars from Warmind, but as a Heist Battleground seasonal activity. The other Heist Battlegrounds were on the Moon and Europa; each Battleground utilized portions of the Season of the Worthy Seraph Bunkers. Other activities included Warmind Launch Facilities and the Operation: Seraph Shield exotic mission.

Synopsis The Hive God of War moves to seize control of Rasputin’s network of weaponized satellites. In her hands, she would turn its devastating power on the Last City. To stop her, the Vanguard has authorized special covert operations armed with the Warmind’s most advanced weaponry. Agents conducting these operations are known as Seraphs.

Destiny 2 Lightfall

Lightfall Promotional Art


Lightfall Announcement


Lightfall was released on February 28, 2023. It's Destiny 2's fifth major expansion. The expansion included the Lightfall campaign, the Strand subclass, the Neomuna destination on Neptune, the Terminal Overload activity, the Partition missions, the Headlong: Time Trial mission, and the Root of Nightmares raid.

Synopsis In a Neptunian city under siege, Soldiers of the Shadow Legion battle with Guardians under the unmistakable shadows of the fleet overhead—the Witness and its newest Disciple are here. Amid the chaos, begin a journey that will reveal the hidden threads that bind us, the ability to unravel them, and the mastery to weave them anew. Arm yourself with new rewards and unlock new Dark powers to triumph in Lightfall’s unforgettable Legendary mode.

S20-media-wallpaper-4k-1 Defiance

Season of Defiance Art


Season of Defiance

Season of Defiance was Destiny 2's 20th season and was released on February 28, 2023 alongside the Lightfall expansion. The Season included the return of The Farm and the Defiant Battlegrounds activity in the EDZ, the Cosmodrome, and Orbital Prison above Earth on a Cabal Ship. The season also included the //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// exotic mission, and Mission: Retribution.

Synopsis The Vanguard calls upon its closest allies in the aftermath of the attack on the Traveler. Guardians must master the righteous powers of the Awoken to stand against the encroaching Shadow Legion and prove themselves as Queensguard.

S21 season of the deep

Season of the Deep Art

Season of the Deep

Season of the Deep was released on May 23, 2023. The season included the return of Deputy Commander Sloane. The moon of Titan also returned, but not as a full destination. Salvage and Deep Dive were introduced as new seasonal activities, along with Operation missions. In addition, the new Ghost of the Deep dungeon was released, as well as a secret exotic mission within Deep Dive called "Whetstone."

Synopsis Guardians must travel to Saturn's moon of Titan and investigate an unexpected distress call. Guardians are tasked with diving into the depths of it's methane ocean to uncover ancient secrets and disrupt the Taken and Hive rituals beneath the waves to uncover ancient secrets and learn more about the Witness’s origins.


Season of the Witch Art

Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch was released on August 22, 2023. The season included the return of Eris Morn and expanded Savathûn 's Throne World with the new seasonal activities, Savathûn 's Spire, Altars of Summoning, and the Imbaru Engine. In addition, the Crota's End raid returned from Destiny.

Synopsis To pursue the Witness, Eris Morn must turn to the magic of the Hive and accept a deal that Savathûn crafted before her death. To honor our end of the bargain, Guardians must become masters of the arcane and harness the power required to defeat a god.

2023 S23 Season of the Wish Launch Press Kit Key Art 16-9 LARGE

Season of the Wish Key Art

Season of the Wish

Season of the Wish was released on November 28, 2023. The season included the return of Riven, the last known Ahamkara wish dragon, and Mara Sov. New seasonal activities included Riven's Lair and The Coil, both taking place in the Dreaming City. The season also included the reveal of a Fifteenth Wish, the Warlord's Ruin dungeon, the Starcrossed exotic mission, as well as the launch of the in-game Fireteam Finder.

Synopsis The door to the Pale Heart remains locked. And in the wake of our endeavor with the Hive, an ancient mystery turns our gaze to the Dreaming City, to the last of the Ahamkara, and to the place of the Fifteenth Wish. The key to the Pale Heart cannot be taken. It must be granted.

Into The Light Key Art FLAT 4K

Into the Light Key Art

Into the Light

Into the Light was a limited-time event that ran from April 9-June 3, 2024. The event included a new gamemode, Onslaught, a 3-player horde mode held on three Crucible maps where players fight against enemies. A new social space called the Hall of Champions was also available during this time where players could obtain rare Brave weapons and the Superblack shader. The Whisper and Zero Hour exotic missions also returned with some updates. A "Raid Boss Gauntlet" called Pantheon was also briefly included. In addition, three new Crucible maps were introduced as a "PVP Map Pack."

Synopsis The Witness’s forces swell across Sol in unparalleled numbers. The Vanguard calls upon all fireteams to regroup in the Last City. Join Shaxx and begin your combat training, Guardian. The time has come to stand and fight.


The Final Shape Art

The Final Shape[]

The Final Shape is Destiny 2's sixth major expansion and was released on June 4, 4024. It was originally scheduled to release on February 27, 2024, before it was delayed to June 4. The Final Shape featured the return of Cayde-6 and a new destination inside the Traveler, The Pale Heart.

The Final Shape

The Final Shape Announcement

Synopsis The Final Shape looms—a nightmarish calcification of reality into the Witness's twisted design. Embark on a perilous journey into the heart of the Traveler, rally the Vanguard, and end the War of Light and Darkness.


Starting in 2024, Seasons were replaced with Episodes as Bungie's new way of storytelling and content update format for Destiny 2. Each Episode contained new story content and rewards, including a new Exotic mission, Exotic weapon and armor. Episodes were split into three Acts, with a new Act releasing every six weeks—containing new stories, quests, activities, weapons, artifact mods, pass ranks, and rewards.

Episode: Echoes

Epsiode: Echoes released one week after the launch of The Final Shape on June 11, 2024. The Episode included the return of the AI Failsafe and the player working together alongside Osiris and Saint-14 to understand a new evolution of the Vex that had invaded Nessus. New activities included Arena: Breach Executable, and Enigma Protocol.


Act I

An aurora spreads across the stars, and from within its shimmering confines, a mysterious object materializes and falls to the surface of Nessus. Travel to the planet and begin your search for this object, known only as an Echo.

Act II

More to come.


More to come.

Episode: Revenant

Coming 2024.

Episode: Heresy

Coming 2025.

Destiny Content Vault[]

The Destiny Content Vault (DCV) is a content model that Bungie introduced at the launch of Beyond Light on November 10, 2020.[4][5][6] The purpose of the DCV is to create a sustainable ecosystem where Bungie can keep updating Destiny 2 instead of creating Destiny 3. By keeping the size of the game down by removing old content, Bungie can update the game and fix bugs more quickly, innovate more, and allow players to keep their characters and loot longer. The DCV will include all content from Destiny 1 and anything that cycles out from Destiny 2, and Bungie will bring back (or “unvault”) activities and destination content from the DCV each year.

In August 2022, it was announced[7] that Destiny 2 expansions would no longer be vaulted. Seasonal content will continue to stay throughout the current expansion Year and then move to the Destiny Content Vault when a new Expansion launches.

Year Four of Destiny 2


  1. Cosmodrome destination and its three strikes: The Devils' Lair, Fallen S.A.B.E.R., and The Disgraced (a rehashed version of the Will of Crota strike)
  2. Vault of Glass raid

Removed on November 10, 2020

  1. Destinations: Mars, Io, Titan, Mercury, the Leviathan, and the Farm – and their supported activities.
  2. Activities: Gambit Prime (merged with Gambit), The Reckoning, Escalation Protocol, Black Armory Forges, Zero Hour, The Whisper, Nightfall playlist (replaced with Nightfall: Ordeal), Niobe Labs, The Menagerie, Prophecy Dungeon (returned in Season of the Chosen), the Tribute Hall, and various Crucible Modes (most returned)
  3. Campaigns: The Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind
  4. Seasonal Narratives: Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter, and Season of Opulence
  5. Raids: The Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Scourge of the Past, and Crown of Sorrow
  6. Various Exotic Quests (the Exotics themselves remained and players could purchase them directly from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive)
  7. Crucible Maps: Meltdown, Firebase Echo, Eternity, Solitude, Legion's Gulch, Retribution, Equinox, Gambler's Ruin, Vostok, Emperor's Respite, and the Citadel
  8. Gambit Maps: Cathedral of Stars, and Kell's Grave
  9. Strikes: A Garden World, Tree of Probabilities, Savathûn's Song, Pyramidion, Festering Fore, Strange Terrain, and Will of the Thousands
  10. Vendors: Ada-1, Benedict-66, Werner 99-40, Ana Bray, Sloane, Asher Mire, Brother Vance, and Visage of Calus.

Year Five of Destiny 2


  1. The Leviathan, but it's now covered in Egregore
  2. King's Fall raid

Removed on February 22, 2022

  1. Destinations: Tangled Shore, H.E.L.M. wings for the Eliksni and Awoken, the last City: Eliksni Quarter, Mara Sov's Chambers
  2. Activities: Baron Hunts, Tangled Shore public events and lost sectors, Wrathborn Hunts, Override Offensives, Harbinger exotic quest, Presage exotic quest, Expunges, Astral Alignment Offensive, Shattered Realm, Vanguard Strikes playlist (replaced with Vanguard Ops playlist)
  3. Campaigns: Forsaken
  4. Seasonal Narratives: Season of the Hunt, Season of the Chosen, Season of the Splicer, Season of the Lost
  5. Various Exotic Quests (the Exotics themselves remained and players could purchase them directly from Xur or the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive)
  6. Strikes: Broodhold, The Hollowed Lair
  7. Vendors: Spider, Petra Venj (Tangled Shore), The Crow, Umbral Decoder, Prismatic Recaster, Splicer Servitor, Wayfinder's Compass, Mara Sov

Year Six of Destiny 2


  1. The Farm
  2. Crota's End raid
  3. Titan (partially)

Removed on February 28, 2023

  1. Destinations: Mars (The Barrens, Scablands), Derelict Leviathan, Last City: Eliksni Quarter
  2. Activities: PsiOps Battlegrounds, Vox Obscura exotic quest, Castellum, Nightmare Containment, Sever, Ketchcrash, Expedition, Pirate Hideouts, Heist Battlegrounds, Warmind Launch Facilities, Operation: Seraph Shield exotic quest
  3. Seasonal Narratives: Season of the Risen, Season of the Haunted, Season of Plunder, Season of the Seraph
  4. Various Exotic Quests Vox Obscura and Operation: Serah Shield were added to a new Exotic Mission playlist. Other exotic weapons remained and players could purchase them directly from a new vendor
  5. Vendors: Crown of Sorrow, Star Chart, Spider, Exo Frame

Year Seven of Destiny 2

Removed on June 4, 2024

  1. Destinations: The Farm, Titan, The Plunge, Dive Tank, Anthenaeum, Spirit's Anchor, Hall of Champions
  2. Activities: Defiant Battlegrounds, Salvage, Deep Dives, Imbaru Engine, Savathûn's Spire, Altars of Summoning, Riven's Lair, The Coil, many arenas and quest missions
  3. Seasonal Narratives: Season of Defiance, Season of the Deep, Season of the Witch, Season of the Wish, Into the Light
  4. Various Exotic Quests: The Variable and Starcrossed were added to the Exotic Mission playlist. Other exotic weapons were added to the Monuments to Lost Lights vendor
  5. Vendors: Sonar Station, Ritual Table, Lectern of Divitation, Mara Sov, Spirit of Riven, and the Hall of Champions versions of Lord Shaxx and Arcite 99-40

Third-Party Crossovers[]

While the 30th Anniversary expansion wasn't an official collaboration, it did include many callbacks, references, and inspirations taken from Bungie's former games that they no longer own, including Halo, Oni, and Myth.


Zavala, a player, Ikora, Exo Stranger, and Ghost floating above them in Fortnite in front of the "Loot Cave."


Bungie's first official collaboration crossover was with Epic Games' Fortnite. Destiny 2 launched on the Epic Games Store on August 23 where the 30th Anniversary Pack was given to players for free during the first week.

In Destiny 2, Fortnite armor ornaments were sold in the Eververse store and Fortnite's Battle Bus was added to the Eliksni Quarter.

In Fortnite, outfits of Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and the Exo Stranger were added along with a Ghost back bling for each character. Also available were Sparrow gliders with selectable styles to match the Destiny outfits. various pickaxes that looked like iconic Destiny swords, and an Investigate emote that spawns a Ghost in front of you to scan for information. The Guardian Zone Control: Javelin-4 island and mode were available to play on where players were prompted to stand in a zone to choose between Hunter, Warlock, and Titan class for their character, which determined the loadout they'd receive.

Fall Guys

Destiny 2 Titan, Warlock, and Hunter costumes in Fall Guys

Fall Guys

On September 17, 2022, Destiny 2 Titan-, Hunter-, and Warlock-themed bundles and costumes appeared in Fall Guys, along with a new “Spicy Ramen” Victory Emote and other accessories, including, a Ghost Shell upper, nameplates, and the nicknames, "Feeling Punchy," "Nifty Rifter," and "Triple Jump Tactician."

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed

Themed character armors and items in Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Destiny 2.

Assassin's Creed

Ubisoft and Bungie announced a collaboration a few days before the official launch of the crossover on December 6, 2022. The crossover coincided with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s final content update.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players could purchase a Destiny 2-themed character pack, which included armor sets, swords, a scout skin and a mount skin. Players could also grab a weapons pack which included four unique spins on Destiny's iconic subclasses, each with their own gameplay perks and custom effects.

The character pack consisted of two armor sets, inspired by the Crucible Handler Lord Shaxx and the time-traveling Exo, Saint-14, respectively, as well as two swords inspired by the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher and Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon. The weapons pack consisted of four unique combat tools, each an inspired spin on Destiny’s subclasses with their own gameplay perks and custom effects. The Dawnblade Greatsword channeled incinerating Solar Light; the Arcstrider Spear crackled with Arc energy; the Sentinel Shield was bolstered by the power of Void; and the Deadly Edge Scythe harnessed the cold strength of Stasis.

Destiny 2 offered Eververse-exclusive items, such as a futuristic version of Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine from Assassin’s Creed 2, a Sparrow inspired by the horses that various characters have utilized throughout the series, a Ghost Shell shaped like an Apple of Eden, and a Hidden Blade finisher. There were also three armor ornament sets available: the Wolf-Kissed bundle for Titans, inspired by Eivor, the Misthios bundle for Hunters, inspired by Kassandra, and the Eagle’s bundle for Warlocks, inspired by Altaïr.

Among Us

Among Us and Destiny 2 outfits and items.

Among Us

With the launch of Lightfall on February 28, 2023, Destiny 2-themed cosmetics appeared in Among Us. The cosmetics could be obtained by purchasing the Guardian Cosmicube for 3,500 Beans. The bundle included Guardian outfits, a Starhorse hat, and various creatures from the game, like the Hive Worm.

The full list of items were:

Hats Visors Pets Skins Nameplates
Caiatl’s Helm Hat Eliksni Faceplate Visor Ghost Pet Hunter Armor Skin Hunter’s Pride Nameplate
Calus’s Chalice Hat Eris Morn’s Bandage Visor Pouka Pet Osiris’s Armor Skin Lightfall Nameplate
Eris Morn Hat Eyes of Savathûn Visor Worm Pet Saint-14’s Armor Skin Titan’s Pride Nameplate
Helm of Saint-14 Hat Shaxx’s Armor Skin Warlock’s Pride Nameplate
Hunter Hood Hat Titan Amor Skin
Mara Sov Hat Warlock Armor Skin
Osiris’s Helm Hat
Pyramids Hat
Savathûn’s Crown Hat
Shaxx’s Helmet Hat
Starhorse Hat
Titan’s Helmet Hat
Warlocks’ Helmet Hat

Airlock Invitation Emblem

Pressure Monitor Among Us Ghost Projection

Ghost Projection

In April, a social media campaign launched between the @DestinyTheGame[8] and @AmongUsGame[9] Twitter accounts, leading to 2/3 of a Destiny 2 emblem code, with the last 1/3 being in morse code in Bungie's weekly blog post[10].

The emblem code was HN3-7K9-93G and unlocked the Airlock Invitation emblem. The emblem includes morse code: .- -- --- --. ..- ... translates to AMOGUS.

With the launch of Season of the Deep, a Ghost Projection became available on the Season Pass called "Pressure Monitor" that appears to be the outfit worn in Among Us.


Arknights official announcement


A collaboration between Destiny 2 and Arknights was announced on April 22, 2023, in celebration of the latter's fourth anniversary.[11][12]

Various PlayStation IPs

For Season of the Deep's launch on May 23, 2023, various PlayStation IPs were added into Destiny 2 via their Eververse store in the form of armor ornaments, a Ghost shell, a sparrow, a ship, an emote, and three finishers.

Ghost of Tsushima

Armor Ornaments Finishers
Ghost of Tsushima Warlock armorAncestral Warlock Armor Perfect Strike FinisherPerfect Strike

God of War

Armor Ornaments Finishers
God of War Titan armorGodsbane Titan Armor Whirling Chaos FinisherWhirling Chaos

Horizon Zero Dawn

Armor Ornaments Finishers
Horizon Zero Dawn Hunter armorAnointed Hunter Armor From Nowhere FinisherFrom Nowhere

The Last of Us

Sparrows Ghost Shells Ships
Last of Us SparrowQuarantine Runner

(Cordyceps Bundle)

Last of Us GhostClicker Ghost

(Cordyceps Bundle)

Last of Us ShipBlooming Terror

(Cordyceps Bundle)

Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet Clank EmoteGadgeteer
Witcher Partnership HeroArt 16-9

Armor inspired by The Witcher series.

The Witcher

Bungie revealed their next in-game collaboration on November 21, 2023, sharing a photo of armor inspired by Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series.[13] The armor, along with other items, including the infamous bathtub, launched the following week with the launch of Season of the Wish.[14][15]

Each of the three new armor sets was inspired by armor donned by Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; The Hunter "White Wolf" set was based on Geralt's Wolven armor, the Titan "Kaer Morhen" armor was based on Viper School armor, and the Warlock "Hexer" set was based on Geralt's Ursine armor.

New Witcher-inspired accessories also launched: the Wolven Storm ship, the Wolven Ghost Shell, the Roach-VGH Sparrow, an emote, and a finisher.

Mass Effect armors

Armor inspired by the Mass Effect series.

Mass Effect

As part of a celebration with Bioware, items inspired by Mass Effect were released on February 13, 2024.[16] The armor ornament sets were inspired by Commander Shepard (Titan with an omni-tool), Garrus Vakarian (Hunter), and Dr. Liara T'Soni (Warlock).

The Enhanced Defense Ghost Shell, Alliance Scout Frigate Ship, and Alliance Drop Ship Sparrow were available for all players at no cost. A Finisher and an emote were also available for purchase.

Ghostbusters d2

Ghostbusters-inspired items


On March 11,[17] Ghostbusters was announced as Destiny's next collaboration.

Items included the Slimer-inspired "Ugly Little Spud" Exotic Ghost shell, an Ecto-1-themed "Ecto Jumpship" Exotic ship, and an Exotic Sparrow based off the villian, Garraka, from the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire movie called the "Phantom God."

Destiny 2 dungeons and dragons

Dungeons and Dragons-inspired armor sets

Destiny 2 dungeon and dragons items

D&D-inspired items

Dungeons and Dragons

Bungie revealed a new crossover partnership between Destiny 2 and Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons a few days for The Final Shape's launch on June 4, which included in-game items in Destiny 2 inspired by the tabletop roleplaying game.[18]

Inspired armor ornament sets included a gold Dragon-themed Apex Draconic set for Titans, Mindflayers-inspired Flayer's Dominion set for Warlocks, Spectral Displacer for Hunters based on the Displacer beast. Other inspired items were the Eye Tyrant Ghost Shell, Queen of Dragons Ship, Owlbear Chariot Sparrow, Natural 20 emote, Bigby's Fist finisher, and a Skill Check emblem.

In addition, the Bungie Store offered an Eye Tyrant Beholder Ghost Shell vinyl figure, inspired by the multi-eyed D&D monster.

Rec Room

Destiny 2 in Rec Room

Rec Room

Rec Room's latest crossover introduced Destiny-themed cosmetics and challenges.[19] Alongside a new environment that recreates The Tower, the main feature was a new in-game event called "Destiny 2: Guardian Gauntlet." In this experience, players can train as Guardians and collaborate with their friends to conquer Destiny-themed adventures.

Players could pull on a hooded cloak and equip a themed weapon skin for their avatar to cosplay as the Destiny 2 Hunter class. Cosmetics based on the remaining Warlock and Titan classes were added to Rec Room at a later date.


Work began on the game in November 2014, just after the release of the original game.[20] It was reportedly rebooted in May of 2016.[21]

Destiny 2 was revealed worldwide on March 30, 2017. The Destiny 2 Beta for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 lasted from July 18 through July 23, 2017. A PC version of the beta was open from August 28 to August 31.

Early on, the developers decided that for Forsaken, they wanted to tell a story with high stakes, but make it personal. This led to the idea of the Guardian making a choice and seeking revenge.[22] Cayde-6 was decided as the character to be killed off to spur this. After this was decided upon, this became central to the expansion's narrative and motifs of a western atmosphere and lawless frontier.[23]

Forsaken was designed to have a darker tone than previous instalments in the series, taking the series in a darker and more serious direction. However, it was noted at the time that future stories in the universe won't necessarily be as dark as Forsaken itself.[24] The name "Forsaken" refers to multiple elements within the story. Uldren is forsaken. The player's Guardian has become forsaken by the Vanguard during their journey. The Dreaming City was forsaken by the Awoken at some point.[25]

Black Armory, Joker's Wild, and Penumbra were developed as part of the Destiny 2 Annual Pass, which were meant to be a smaller series of DLC releases that include new endgame activities, missions, and quests for Guardians to pursue. These included new Raids and activity types.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bungie employees were forced to work from their homes during the development of Beyond Light, which resulted in the expansion being delayed from September 22 to November 10.

Bungie announced in February 2021 that the planned November release of their next major expansion, The Witch Queen, was being pushed back to early 2022, with Lightfall pushed back to early 2023. Bungie said they wanted to shift to releasing expansions within the first two quarters of the years instead of last quarter. In addition to ongoing issues with the COVID-19 pandemic, Bungie felt it was necessary to spend the time on the core client to both conclude the Light and Darkness Saga that was originally supposed to conclude with Lightfall, however, it was also announced that the Light and Darkness Saga is only the first saga in the Destiny franchise, with a new saga to begin after one final expansion that will be released after Lightfall, The Final Shape.[2][3]


  • Only class, race, gender, face, hair, and marking selections for all characters that have achieved Level 20 and completed the story mission The Black Garden were carried forward from Destiny to Destiny 2. Accounts were migrated on August 1, 2017.[26] Any progress made in Destiny after that date weren't reflected in Destiny 2.[27]
  • Destiny 2 was originally announced for release on Friday, September 8, 2017. The release was moved up two days to Wednesday, September 6, because the team wanted to give themselves more time to prepare for launch weekend, which historically has the most concurrent players.[28]
  • In previous games, Bungie's design philosophy for multiplayer included designing maps and gametypes independently of each other. For Destiny 2, Bungie decided to create a gametype and then specifically design maps for that gametype.[29]
  • To help avoid the content droughts that plagued Destiny, Activision hired additional developers, including Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios, to work on producing more Destiny 2 content.[30]
  • Joker's Wild (Season of the Drifter) was the first expansion that didn't focus on any of the main enemies in the Destiny series. Instead it focused on the Drifter and his Gambit activity.
  • Season of Opulence was the second Cabal-focused Season, with the first being The Red War.
  • The Scorn enemy race was introduced in the Forsaken expansion.
  • Season of the Undying was the first Season with a Season Pass (a.k.a. Battle Pass). It was also the second Vex-focused Season, with the first being Curse of Osiris.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Beyond Light and Witch Queen expansions and their relative seasons were all created by employees working from their homes. As a result, the expansions were delayed, causing the final seasons, Season of Arrivals and Season of the Lost, respectively, to be extended to six months long.

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