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UserName DigitalTru7h
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Member Since 18.January.2010
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DigitalTru7h is a member on Bnet. He visits Bnet on a regular basis usually after 10AM CDT. His Bnet profile can be found here.


DigitalTru7h is a member of Bnet, he signed up 01/18/2010 and is a frequent poster in The Flood. Though he usually goes on about The Flood, he regulary goes to the Halo 3 Forum and starts telling everybody the solution to their problems and how they're dumbasses because they should have known this already. His title rank is "Member". Though DigitalTru7h is a "newf@g" amongs The Flood, he has already learned all the memes that go on in The Flood and knows most of it's history. DigitalTru7h is currently banned from the forums by Shiksha until 07.08.2010 6:19 PM Pacific Time for asking for a leaked image, which wasn't even real.


DigitalTru7h has had his "moments" on Bnet. One noticable one was when he posted an image of a
4Chan prank on google. He pulled a prank similar to what happened on a Newground's BBS forum thread. The post can be viewed here.


  • This whole thing was written by DigitalTru7h himself and was speaking about hismelf in third person.
  • DigitalTru7h's gamertag is well, DigitalTru7h
  • Is called a Castle Crashers addict for he is seen playing Castle Crashers on a regular basis.
  • Plays Tenor Saxophone in his Middle School band.
  • Is 13 and is currently in 8th grade.
  • DigitalTru7h's real name is Francisco, but is called Frank(ie) amongs his friends.
  • Is still talking in third person about himself.


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