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dmg04 in his trademark yellow beanie

dmg04 is the global community lead for Destiny 2 after returning to Bungie on June 24, 2024.[1]

Mentor dmg04 avatar

dmg's Bungie.net avatar

He was a senior community manager prior to his departure from Bungie on December 31, 2022.[2] Prior to joining the community team, was a member of the Destiny Player Support Team,[3] and, before being hired by Bungie he was one of the first Forum Mentors on Bungie.net.[4][5]

He is married and has one daughter.

He is most commonly known for talking about bread and wearing a yellow beanie.

Bungie.net Life[]

Dmg bread and cozmo

dmg in a bread costume when the community hit an incentive goal.[6] Cozmo is trying to eat him.

Emblem 4 dmg

dmg's old avatar

“'04 or bust!

~ dmg04

dmg04 was an active member of the Bungie Community in the late 2000s and early-to-mid 2010s, posting mostly in the Community and Bungie Universe Forums, but he was mostly active in the Halo 3 in the WorkPLace and The WorkPLace private groups.


  • Contrary to belief, dmg04's name isn't pronounced "damage 04," but "dim-jee 04"or "d-m-g-0-4"
  • His favorite color is golden yellow.[7]
  • Many in-game Destiny 2 items are heavily implied to have been inspired by dmg, such as the "Get That Bread" emote,[8] and the yellow beanie Hunter "Streetwise Cloak" class item.[9][10]