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Dommer's current avatar.

Bungie.net Life[]

Domenic Koeplin is a Bungie Employee, his/her account was created on the 12th of June 2005. Domenic's current title is 'der 10 jägermeister' which translates to 'The 10 Jagermeister' and has only posted 47 times.

Real Life[]

Nickname: dommer

Classification: OldSkool

Current Job: Test Lead

Origin: My mom

Blood Type: Red Bull

Age: Legal

Weight: Changes Daily

Height: 5'10"

Girth: Sufficient

First Job: Paperboy

Hobby: Playing poker

Ultimate Halo Match: Sidewinder CTF with evenly matched teams

Ultimate Snack: Apple slices from Costco

Ultimate Website: Classified

Fake Weapon: You wouldn't be afraid of it if you knew it weren't real


Domenic began his post-college career at the (now defunct) Electronic Arts studio in Bellevue as a contract games tester. His parents were probably thrilled that their son, who had just earned a magna cum laude BA in International Business with minors in German and Spanish, took a job testing video games. After a relatively brief stint at EA he went to Microsoft getting paid to "test" a casino game and acquired a taste for craps (the dice game, not frequent bathroom breaks). Over the years he worked on a variety of games and eventually was loaned to Bungie to help with Halo 2 Xbox for a few months. Once Halo 2 wrapped up he went to work on Gears of War within Microsoft Game Studios before finally rejoining Bungie full time in the winter of '05.


Link to Bungie.net profile.

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