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Double Aught was a video game company founded by Brooklyn, NY, prior to the 1996 release of Marathon Infinity. The company was created by former Bungie employees Greg Kirkpatrick, Chris Geisel, Jihan Kim, Randy Reddig, Colin Kawakami and David Longo,[1] to help create the game.[2]

The company created the story, maps, new artwork and environments,[3] as well as the Blood Tides of Lh'owon scenario in the game using the new editing tools which were subsequently released with the game.

Marathon Infinity was Double Aught's only game to release. The company had plans to release a new game, Duality,[4] but it was canceled and the company folded. Kirkpatrick shared the basic plot of the game in a Reddit thread:[5]

"The basic story was that a segment of humanity had been lost and separated for thousands of years inside a nebula. The society had grown into a caste system, and the lower caste had been evolving to survive in a way that the higher castes weren't aware of."