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Actually, as my name suggests, I'm the research guy. I'll be posting occasionally in support of things like this survey, but probably not taking part in the general discussions. - Link to post.


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DrBunsenHoneydew's account was created on the 19th of April 2011. He is part of the User Research Team at Bungie, and his job is "studying how real people play games and then helping our designers use that information to make better games. This can take the form of anything from bringing individuals into the lab to play our games in front of the designers to analyzing datamining from millions of beta participants." He's been a Bungie Employee since 2010, but spent a number of years as the Microsoft User Researcher assigned to Bungie. He has worked on all the Halo games since 2003, including Halo Wars.


For fun, DrBunsenHoneydew plays video games, fights with swords, and harasses hdubya to provide him with more data to analyze.


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